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Blogger vs WordPress | Which is Better For Making Money in 2019

Blogger vs WordPress is a debatable topic that everyone fights over it. Many people consider WordPress blog as the right engine for the blogging platform. However, we also have experts in the field, who have a different opinion on Blogger vs. WordPress for making money. The major pressing problem does not go unheard in the field, and I will share my experience from using Blogger vs WordPress.

I have two active blogs, right now! The first blog hosted on Blogger, and the second one running on the WordPress platform. I can add a great value to the debate of Blogger vs. WordPress because I am using the both CMS at a PRO level.

Blogger And Its Features

Blogger vs WordPress
Blogger and its Features

I started to use Blogger since 2013, and the reason, why I started with the free platform because it’s easy to use and freebies go for it. It did offer a great number of features that no other platform was offering at that period.

Google constantly promoted the platform, and it turned into a go-to daily driver for millions of people. Freebies, like myself, started on Blogger that does not require the users to invest money on a domain, hosting, and SSL certificate.

We are going to look at Blogger updated features.

  1. I love the fact that Google added SSL certificate to the platform. Yes, you get a free SSL certificate to the sub-domain and custom domain as well. I have tested it and a reputed company like Avast providing the solution. The SSL certificate on custom domain expires within four months, but it renews automatically.
  2. Add, edit, and publish posts on the page & posts.
  3. Add a custom permalink, and you can let the search engines to crawl the site.
  4. Thousands of free templates for blog category, shopping, video, gaming, movies, music, comedy, and more. Of course, you have to provide a link in the footer to the developers of the template.
  5. Above all, it’s free of cost.

You might be wondering that everything on our side sounds positive! I will get to the negative points in the PROS and CONS, so read the article to the end. I will share my experience so that you can make the most of it.

WordPress And Its Features

Blogger vs WordPress
WordPress and its Features

WordPress open-source and are separate sites and services. The popular CMS is, and millions of sites are running on the open-source platform. Almost, half of you already know about the features, but we are going to list the new features added in the latest edition.

  1. WordPress updated the latest version of editor replacing with the classic editor. The founder of the first-ever printer Gutenberg named after the new editor. Many people disliked it because it was too much for them to handle. My friend shared interesting information that rankings have improved, ever since he has used the Gutenberg editor. I was convinced because he had analytical reports to back it up.
  2. Millions of active plugins can solve problems and add a new feature in an instant. Majority of the plugins are available for free, and there are paid version as well. I have solved hundreds of problems that seemed like impossible in an instant.
  3. Thousands of free themes and templates for business sites, and another category. The WordPress advanced editor helps the users to remove developer credits as well. I have seen spam links in the footer so you can use it to remove it, but make sure to give credits to the real developer.
  4. Create, add content, edit, and publish post and page.
  5. Google loves WordPress blogs, so ranking a keyword takes very less time compared to other content management system. I have experienced it first-hand, I can vouch for it.

Again, it looks all positive, but we are going to add the CONS in later part.

Blogger vs WordPress

I’m going to add crucial information that can change the perception of the reader.

B = Blogger & W = WordPress

Domain Name

B – You get sub-domain with the Blogger platform, and you can add a custom domain as well.

W – Fortunately, you can add a sub-domain to the WordPress site, and you can install the custom domain as well.

Overall, there is no limitation in adding domains.

Storage Space

B – I have never seen a limitation in storage, and I am impressed by it. I never had any issues with it as well, so you can easily store images, videos, and other media files without any issues.

W – The storage space depends on the hosting package, and it might cost you a little more to get 1 TB or unlimited storage space in WordPress site.


B – Very limited, and that’s all I have to say.

W – Highly customizable and I have never seen any other CMS offering in-depth customizations. You can use free WordPress themes and make it the way you want it to appear to the world.


B – It’s limited, but if you know to code (HTML and CSS), then you can make changes to the site design.

W – The design is extremely easy to edit, and you can learn it within a few days.


B – The Blogger never designed for third-party plugins, but you can add a few add-ons such as Google Adsense.

W –  The users will fall in love with the WordPress CMS, and you can easily add a new feature by activating a new plugin. The add-ons do not add extra stress on the site loading speed and the server. You can give a huge slice to plugins for making earning the title of the best blogging platform.


You can monetize on both platforms using Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, Affiliate programs, and other monetization methods. I never had issues with Google Ads integration and other methods. The debate of Blogger vs WordPress for making money ends with it.

We hope, the confusion ends with the comparison.


  1. Blogger offers the services for free.
  2. Sign up for a free hosting account to host WordPress site.
  3. Blogger offers good server speed with a basic SSL certificate. 
  4. Many free hosting sites bundle a free SSL ceritificate + hosting for WordPress blogs.
  5. WP is highly customizable when compared to Blogger.


  1. Ranking a site using Blogger was extremely difficult for some reason.
  2. Ranking a WordPress site is a little easy because Google loves WP site.
  3. How to start a blog for free? Blogger is the answer, but you have to live with limited customizations.
  4. Google has the authority to delete the Blogger account without notice, and its not good to trust on google. Contacting the official team is not an easy task. 
  5. You have to survive on limited add-ons (10 maximum) on Google Blogger. In my opinion, it’s a joke that Google does not allow third-party developers to create add-ons.

Final Word

Unfortunately, Blogger failed to impress me, and I have invested a few bucks in purchasing web hosting + domain. I found the solution very cheap, and it ranks very well compared to Blogspot. The debate of Blogger vs WordPress ends with limitations and possibilities. Let me know your thoughts on Blogger vs WordPress in the comment section below.

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Top 5 WordPress Alternatives in 2019 | Which one do you choose?

The popular content management system is not the solution to every problem, and it inspired us to make a list of WordPress Alternatives. There are millions of website running on WordPress blog system. However, CMS developed several open-source for a specific reason such as an e-commerce store.

Let us look at the WordPress alternatives content management systems.

1. GetSimple

GetSimple is open-source content management developed by Chris Cagle in 2009. The developer designed it for the newbies and the goal to make it powerful as WordPress, but a lot easier than WP. The core system files created on PHP, so the CMS is suitable for large & small sites.

The developers ensured that users could add & activate the plugins to customize the site. GetSimple is XML based CMS, and the hosting does not need to store the information at all.

The free CMS overall file size is only 2 MB, making it the lightweight all time interface. We have to appreciate the developers for creating a lightweight CMS with easy to follow interface.

2. SilverStripe

SilverStripe is an excellent website building provider in the world, and the developers launched it a few years ago. The framework of the builder has a bright future ahead due to the development and features. The platform managed to reach a wide range of audience, and they have grabbed the attention of many professionals. The user-friendly back-end admin interface impressed millions of people around the world. A large number of professionals tools help the content creators to write, organize, and publish content in a few clicks. 

It might sound like SilverStripe is an excellent WordPress Alternative, but it does have a fair share of CONS. The admin can create new accounts for the new users, and assign them the role to control the site. Users can connect gadgets and modules to operate the site in an advanced way. The Asset Management feature allows the user to control, manage, and compress the media files in the admin panel.

The users can check out the predesigned templates and select one to start immediately. The library has paid templates & themes as well, and you can select one to start working on the site immediately.

Search engines consider mobile-friendly sites as a ranking factor, and the developers have added mobile-friendly templates. Users can utilize the customization options to edit different parts of the site.

The existing users can access the large community to seek assistance and solve the recognized problems. SilverStripe open-source platform is growing at a rapid speed, and we can witness new developments in the area very soon.

3. Drupal

Wordpress alternative

Drupal is an open-source content management system that offers the services for free. It also offers functionalities such as user’s management, polls management, menu management, graphics modification tool, advanced websites, simple sites, discussion boards, social networking pages, etc.

The WordPress alternatives CMS allows users to publish content, articles, polls, videos, user management, podcasts, statistics, and more. The administrator has the power to assign new users on the site with roles. The admin can select the role of every user on the platform such as a publisher. Each user can take care of one part of the site, and the admin assigns a new admin at the same time.

The scripts enable the users to create, edit and organize the site. The developers added new themes & templates to the platform so that the users can get started with it. Predefined page functions configurations allow the users to manage a complicated page with ease.

Drupal became extremely popular after they allowed the publishers to upload various types of plugins on the platform. The open-source platform allows the publishers to create, edit and upload new plugins without worrying about rules & restrictions.

The Drupal developers have created documentation page, discussion board, mailing, chat, lists, and more.

4. Joomla

Joomla is a free open-source web content management system that rivals WordPress for several years now. Many consider Joomla as WordPress alternatives CMS due to several reasons. In case, if you want to start a blog, then open-source CMS can help you get started quickly.

Joomla is extremely easy to install on your server usingSoftaculous tool available in cPanel control panel. It takes only a few seconds to download the script and installation takes around five to ten minutes depending on the user knowledge.

WordPress plugins library has made the platform successful, and Joomla has fewer plugins on the platform compared to the popular one. Regarding plugins, yes, you will find almost everything on the Joomla platform as well.

The good part comes in a discussion, forums, and tutorial sites because you don’t need the help of developers or customer care. A simple Google search can help you resolve the issue in a few minutes, similar to WordPress.

The script generates links for the pages & other URL-based pages, and it has a positive impact on search engines. The interface & admin page may seem challenging, but after a couple of days, it becomes a piece of cake.

CON: A beginner has to work hard around the interface because it might take one week or so for a newbie to master the controls.

5. Umbraco

Umbraco CMS is a popular open-source platform that can stand in the list of WordPress Alternatives. Umbraco developer on ASP .NET to create a unique system for the world and developers can create plugins, interface, and improve existing features.

 Umbraco comes with an easy to navigate interface, and it Let us beginners to learn the controls in a few days. The number of personalization features can shift the tab to another location, and the users can adjust the site as per the requirement. Search engine optimization is an important aspect of every site and on-page SEO taken care by the developers.

A huge list of plugins available on the platform (WordPress plugins has more) and you can activate them in a few clicks. The dashboard designed to assist the admins to manage tons of articles & content in a few clicks.

CON: The Company decided to allow the users to try 14-days-trial period and the fee starts from €25/month.


The WordPress alternatives may work for some of you, and it might help some of the readers. Keep in mind that everything has PROS & CONS and you have to look for requirements first. If the CMS meets the requirements, then go for it. Letus know which WordPress alternatives did you like in the comment section below.

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Importance of Digital Marketing and Scope in India 2019

Digital marketing Scope is becoming a solution for Indian entrepreneurs, why? Keep reading; we are going to reveal that to you.

What is digital marketing?

digital marketing Scope

Everyone has this one question what is digital marketing? First, we assume that you already know about marketing, which is nothing but promoting the product, services or the company on streets, ad banners, tv commercials, and there are many other ways.

The word Digital stands for Internet or Online world. If you are making a payment online, then it is called a digital transaction.

The digital marketing scope in India is growing at a fast pace, if you are thinking about how you can make it top in India, then here’s the good news for you.

India started to grow digitally at an amazing rate since Jio 4G introduced, before Jio 4G.

Newest things and New Opportunity

digital marketing Scope

Online marketing has enabled many people to start their business online, one of the major reasons why many people are trying their luck in online marketing because people can create their opportunity.

They don’t have to work for the robotic life of MNC companies, not only that person who are introducing the newest solutions that can solve any problems big times.

Flexible and Easy to use

digital marketing Scope

Digital advertising is not difficult if you plan to do it in India, but if you are targeting some other countries, then you will have competition.

The Internet is very easy to understand and use, but you need to learn the right way to implement your idea or else, you will fail regardless of your connections and investments.

Fastest Reach

digital marketing scope

Even we have seen tremendous reach within a short time, if one goes viral, then huge following and sales are a matter of time.

Online marketing is easy when you know the right place and the right market to promote your products. There is no doubt that you can get the word of your product or business faster online.

There are plenty of sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and more to get instant traffic and sales to your business page within no time.

Influencer Marketing

digital marketing scope

Influencer marketing is also another interesting way to get the word out because people trust these influencers, so getting instant traffic and sales is possible using influencer marketing.

In our sales strategy, we have used influencer assistance in sales, which has worked for us. One of the biggest reason why it works because the followers have faith in them, then the followers are related to your product, so the chances getting sales is tremendous.

High engagement

digital marketing scope

In online marketing, only a few people can understand that the engagement is very high when you promote your product online.

People have no fear when they have something to post online because freedom of speech is encouraged on social media.

The freedom of speech is what encourages people to talk about your product Positively or Negatively. If you have added value to the users, then you are guaranteed to get a lot of attention and sales online because word of mouth becomes effective.

Higher return small investment

digital marketing scope

All right, many of you get excited when you find something that cost you less, while returns are higher.

Let me tell you the truth about the small investments and higher returns, it is true, it does happen often, but that is not entirely true.

Here are the conditions,

If you are a newbie, who doesn’t have on field experience in digital advertising, then you are bound to lose money instead of making money.

There are plenty of aspects that go into promotion & online marketing. If you have done your research well, then you will lose money.

The BIGGEST problem of all is that there are no websites or blogs that teach you how you can get sales from Facebook marketing, this is something you have to find out by investing on social media and other places.

We know that there are people who share knowledge online, but no one reveals online marketing strategies because it can kill their own business.

Do you think digital marketing course will help you? Let me tell you the truth about digital marketing course; it is a path or guide that helps you understand the fundamental structure of the online marketing.

What works today, it won’t work tomorrow, that is the truth about online marketing.


We are not trying to discourage you but to tell you the truth, which many professionals don’t tell you before you start. The journey is long, but if you have the guidance of a PRO, then you will succeed faster. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Gutenberg WordPress Editor : Upgrade and Downgrade to Classic Editor

Gutenberg WordPress Editor tested out by millions of people around the world because it’s a major update from WordPress editor panel. For several years, the WordPress users were utilizing the traditional editor, but the Gutenberg WordPress Editor offers a modern design.

What is Gutenberg WordPress Editor?

We know that many beginners WordPress users do not know about the Gutenberg project. The popular CMS comes with a page & post editor and the traditional editor that does not have any major update for years. However, the WordPress Gutenberg Project enabled the official to design a modern featured editor to publish new posts and pages.

Gutenberg WordPress Editor release enables the old users to gain access to the new features, functions, and modern user interface. The update offers new features that help the users to create innovative posts according to the needs and it eliminates the assistance of third-party shortcodes.

The new WordPress page editor enabled the users to switch between classic editor and the latest modern page editor.

The project at the beta stage and the official developers are not pushing it and force installing it. The beta test designed to collect feedback from existing users all over the world. Nobody wants to replace the old classic version over the updated one and the beta released for testing purpose only.

When Will Gutenberg WordPress Editor Release?

The developers Gutenberg Team announced that the plugin is available from 1st December 2018 and you download it from the official page.

Matt Mullenweg is the head of the entire project, and he said,

The editor will create a new page- and post-building experience that makes writing rich posts effortless, and has “blocks” to make it easy what today might take shortcodes, custom HTML, or “mystery meat” embed discovery. — Matt Mullenweg

Download Gutenberg Editor

Can I Test The New Editor?

Fortunately, the WordPress Gutenberg editor is at the beta stage, and you can add it to your site as an optional add-on. The good part is that the official developers are not pushing it any further because the feedback collection is in the process.

However, you can download the fully featured plugin from the official site (above is the download link), and you can use it without any issues. At some point of the process, you can replace the plugin from the database without any questions.

Step 1: Go to your site dashboard and click on the “Install Gutenberg.” The users can submit bug reports to the official GITHUB site because the beta version purpose is to collect the feedback.

Wordpress Gutenberg Editor

Step 2: The plugin instantly installs on your site. Remember, you cannot delete the plugin, but you can replace it with the classic editor.

Wordpress Gutenberg Editor

Step 3: After a minute, click on the “Activate Gutenberg” to replace the classic editor with the new one.

Wordpress Gutenberg Editor

Step 4: The demo page of the Gutenberg WordPress Editor shows up on your screen, and you can test the features without any issues.

Wordpress Gutenberg Editor

We will show you how you can replace the Gutenberg update from the current installation at the end of the article.

In addition, we would like to remind you that the WordPress developer’s team is planning to release the next major update with the Gutenberg WordPress Editor. However, you can replace it with the classic editor, and we will show you how to replace it, so you do not have to worry about it.

9 Features of WordPress Gutenberg Editor

The Gutenberg WordPress Editor hits the next major update, and no one can escape from it. However, you can submit a report that includes bugs, stability information, and missing features information, and you can expect a better version of WordPress’s new Gutenberg editor.

  1. Dropdown Instead of Toolbar

Wordpress Gutenberg Editor

After creating a new post, then we usually add headings, images, texts, and other elements. In the past, the options were present in the toolbar. The latest update removed all options from the toolbar, and they have moved it to a rounded plus button.

If you click on the button, then you can find options like image, headings, gallery, list, quote, audio, cover, and file. If you scroll down a little, then there are more drop-down options like common blocks, formatting, layout elements, widgets, and embeds.

I am not complaining, but it was a poor decision to remove the main functions from the toolbar. Now, we have to click two or three times to reach functions. We should appreciate the new options as well as adding codes to the post, adding embeds of Spotify, YouTube, Facebook and more from the editor.

  1. More writing space

Wordpress Gutenberg Editor

By collapsing the WordPress side panel and left panel, you can free up space, and it works with width as well.

Yes, you have the option to collapse the right sidebar, and it frees up more space. In addition, it has an impact on height and width. The extra offers a wider look at the piece of content that you look for it. Ten inches displays and fifteen Inches displays can view more in the editor than the traditional version.

  1. Content Embedding within Visual Editor

We have already mentioned in the first point that you can embed content directly from the editor. It kills the purpose of the embedding plugins in the store. The WordPress developers worked extremely hard to offer features that beats every embed plugin in the store right now.

Wordpress Gutenberg Editor

I have never seen so many options in one panel and embedding made simple by the Gutenberg team.

Anyone can learn Gutenberg WordPress user interface within a few moments, and it is the beauty of the visual editor. Click on the plus icon, then scroll down to “embed” and you add custom URL, YouTube, Flickr, SoundCloud, WordPress, and more.

  1. Dropdown For Switching Between Visual Editor & Text Editor

You have to follow a couple of steps to switch from visual editor to code editor (text editor).

Step 1: Click on the three-dot setting in the right corner.

Wordpress Gutenberg Editor

Step 2: A sidebar shows up on your screen and check for “code editor” and click on it.

Wordpress Gutenberg Editor

The developers made a mistake by removing the option from the mainframe. A newbie would never find the important option until or unless the user spends at least a couple of months using it.

The old position appreciated by millions of users around the world, but changing the location of the code or text editor can get Gutenberg one star down.

  1. Live HTML Block

The title suggests live HTML block and it might be a little confusing at first. To clear the doubts, allow us to show you how you can add HTML block and the feature we are trying to explain.

1: Click on the plus button and select “custom HTML.”

Wordpress Gutenberg Editor

2: I have posted YouTube video embed to display the feature.

Wordpress Gutenberg Editor

3: Now, click on “preview” for LIVE HTML block view.

Wordpress Gutenberg Editor

As you can see, you don’t have to manually click on the page preview to check, if the embed is working properly.

  1. Recent Blocks

The WordPress Gutenberg tutorial may take a little bit of time, but we are going to look at another feature called “recent blocks.”

When you click on the plus button to view options, then it records the most used or common blocks you have uses so far in the journey. After a few times you have used the blocks, then Gutenberg WordPress Editor records it.

A quick way to access the most frequently used elements.

  1. New Visual Styles

The new WordPress page editor allows users to add colors, fonts, font size, background color, block settings, and more. Several options were added to the new editor, which eliminates the third-party plugins to add or edit a sentence innovatively.

Wordpress Gutenberg Editor

After spending a few minutes, you realize that WordPress official dev team is taking a major step towards the future. The editor does look and feel like a modern content management system and a clear path towards claiming the #1 spot.

  1. Table of Contents

Third party WordPress theme developers add a feature that lets the users form a “table of contents,” so the readers or visitors can jump from topic #1 to #10 in an instant. In the past, we had to rely on the themes or a plugin, but you no longer have to depend on it.

Wordpress Gutenberg Editor

The WordPress’s new Gutenberg editor allows you to create it without the assistance of additional add-on. The good part is that the site eliminates an extra plugin and it improves the overall performance as well.

  1. Information Popup For Word & Block Counts

Now, the interesting part of the new WordPress Gutenberg Github plugin that it provides you with more information on the contents.

Wordpress Gutenberg Editor

I have always loved that WordPress counts the number of words typed in the box and the developers have improved it.

  • The word count position has changed, and you can keep track of it in a larger area.
  • Now, it counts the number of blocks added to the content.
  • In the end, you have headings counted in the same panel as well.

In short, you get more details, when compared to the traditional panel.

The advantages & disadvantages come from experience and personal usage. I am going to list down the number of PROS and CONS experienced during the usage.


  1. Modern design and user interface.
  2. No one can deny that it offers plenty of new features like embed, blocks, add new elements, and advanced options.
  3. Live preview of the custom HTML URL.
  4. Now, you can add codes to the WordPress articles, and search engines will crawl it in a better way.
  5. The new editor feature eliminates the additional plugins like “table of contents” and more.
  6. The plugin designed for smaller screens such as smartphones.


  1. I believe that the new interface affects the browsers running on 2 GB RAM and an older processor such as Pentium Dual-core.
  2. There are three scrolls down in the new editor, and I did not like it. It was a hassle to scroll down three different elements.
  3. You have to click two times to access the main elements like headings, hyperlink, and other options.
  4. The text editor or code editor removed from the original position and they shifted to settings.
  5. The Gutenberg update affects the newbie because the editor has become a little complicated.

If I were a newbie, then I would shift from Gutenberg to the classic editor because it has become a bit complicated. Every reader must learn to use the new editor because it does have an impact on SEO as well.

The name of the new WordPress editor came from the founder of printer technology Johannes Gutenberg. In the 15th century, Johannes invented the printing process in the world, and the WordPress paid tribute to the legend by naming the Gutenberg Editor.

Unfortunately, the official developers are going to push the latest edition in the next major update. Every user has to perfect it regardless of our liking and preferences.

Switch Back to Classic WordPress Editor

People like me don’t like the new WordPress editor that much, I still prefer to use an old version of post writing layout because new version still has some issues and it might take few months or so to make it more user-friendly…

So if you recently upgraded to latest version of WordPress 5.0 then you might feel trapped but there are 2 options to get your previous editor back on your website

Option 1: This is the simplest way to keep your WordPress up to date and get your Classic Editor over it by installing an additional plugin called “Classic Editor” Download Now:

Switch to Classic Editor

Option 2: Another option is to downgrade your WordPress to the previous version until they are not fixing small bugs with New Gutenberg WordPress Editor using

Downgrade WordPress


I won’t turn my eye from the ratings because no one can deny that there is more space for the Gutenberg editor to improve.

However, you have to keep in mind that the team launched the beta version so that they can collect the feedback data. In the next major update, the Gutenberg WordPress Editor rolls up with an improved version.

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Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing For Your Business

Many Internet users do not know the importance of cloud computing in business organizations due to lack of knowledge in it. There are several benefits of cloud computing that every business should take advantage of it. Any small growing business can utilize the goals and benefits of cloud computing.

We know that many of you have questions in your mind like

  • What is Cloud computing?
  • What are the benefits of using cloud computing?

So allow us to clear your doubts and learn about the advantages of cloud computing.

Usually, there are hundreds of cloud computing benefits 2019, but we are going to talk about the 5 benefits of cloud computing that our team experienced.

  1. ScalabilityScalability

In the benefits of cloud-based computing, the servers utilized in the process designed differently compared to the VPS. Those who do not know that cloud server are similar to VPS in nature, but they have a different purpose.

Let’s assume that your product featured on the popular websites and then you are guaranteed to get numbers of visitors from that site. Can your current cloud web hosting handle the increase in traffic?

The cloud computing packages allow you to increase the specs and upgrade the package in a few moments without any fuss. The web hosting company does not have issues in increasing RAM, CPU cores, and space to accommodate the traffic.

You can increase Disk I/O, Memory (RAM), Network I/O, and CPU as well.

The performance of the website loading speed and pages loading time increases drastically. The increase in hardware does add up a little bit of performance, and it helps the visitors to view the pages more comfortably.

  1. No DowntimeCloud computing

One of the major reasons why experts go for the cloud computing because it does not have downtime at all. Yes, you have read it right that cloud computing does not have site downtime.

Many reputed companies have multiple server’s set-ups in the warehouse so they can offer better web hosting services. The company charges a good amount of fee per month to the customers, and they promise them to provide 99.99% uptime.

We are talking about reputed companies, and several small or unknown web hosting providers may not accommodate it, so read the terms and conditions properly.

How does it work?

The servers are nothing but computers with server operating system and hardware used in the process.

  • The provider set-up multiple servers.
  • The dedicated servers use a configuration that creates cloud computing.
  • If the server has broken or has hardware issues, then the software moves the files & folders of your website to another server.
  • The servers interconnected with each other.
  • You never have the issues of Internet down, hardware issues, and technical issues.

The cloud computing transfers the website files & folders to another server immediately.

Thus, you are saved from downtime and shutdowns, and that is the advantages of cloud computing.

  1. Fast PerformanceCloud computing

The performance is a question that haunts many newbies because they have not experienced cloud-computing benefits 2019.

First, every newbie always purchases or select the reputed web hosting company that has Google reviews and other reviews online.

The cloud computing consists of premium hardware, and it is one of the major reasons why it cost higher compared to the shared web hosting.

  • The web hosting providers use premium hardware like Intel high-end processors, RAM sticks, SSD Drive, and more.
  • You can select the number of CPU-cores, Disk space, and more.
  • The cloud servers maintained by the professionals and the engineers check the health of the servers from time to time.

The performance of the cloud computing does not slow down with time because the management has a dedicated team to look after the servers.

  1. Saves Your MoneySave your money

No one can deny that saving money stands on the top of benefits of cloud computing.

The small business look at the starting price, which is expensive compared to any other package offered by the company.

However, you are looking at one side of the coin. We have to blame the hosting companies for not explaining the difference between VPS & Cloud hosting in the sales page.

  • The cloud web hosting packages are expensive, especially, when compared to the other packages.
  • The cost of upgrading the package is lesser compared to other hosting packages.
  • In case, if you have a rise in the traffic, then you have to upgrade the specs. It cost you very less compared to the VPS hosting and dedicated server maintenance.
  • Upgrading to another package is much easier because it takes only a few clicks to do it. However, it is not the same when it comes to other packages, where the company takes a few hours to upgrade it.

In Cloud computing benefits 2019, everything is virtual, so increasing number of CPU-cores, RAM, and other hardware takes only a few clicks.

  1. Easy To UseCloud computing

Every company that sells a product or services to the people make sure that even a beginner can use the control panel without any issues.

  • You can choose the operating system like Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Windows, and other OS.
  • An opportunity to select control panel as well like Webuzo, cPanel, and other panels. Make sure to contact the provider to confirm the alternatives and available control panels.
  • Millions of tutorials available on the cPanel hosting, and other panels.
  • The advanced options easy to follow, if you can understand the meaning of the options. In case, if you are unable to follow it, then read articles and tutorials.

The customer care is available 24/7 to guide you through the set-up process and resolving the technical issues.


We have explained the advantages of cloud computing in points so that you can make up your mind.

The cloud computing technology is similar to the VPS (virtual private server), and it is slightly expensive, but if you plan to upgrade, then the cost is lesser on this side.

Let us know what do you think about the Cloud computing benefits 2019 in the comment section below.

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Free vs Paid Hosting | Which is Better for Your Website

Everyone has questions related to free vs. paid hosting, and many web hosting myths surrounded it. It’s time that we have to break the myths and help you understand the difference between free vs. paid hosting.

What is Web Hosting?free vs paid hosting

Web Hosting stands for “website hosting disk space,” and it is an essential part for any website in existence today.

The website hosting works as storage like HDD or SSD drive to store the website files, Images, Notes, Content, and more. The drives assigned an IP that used by the domain website hosting and the website shows up on your screen.

How does it work?

  1. Type the website domain name in the browser.
  2. The browser connects to the domain.
  3. The domain connects to the website hosting drive via an IP address.
  4. Now, you can view the website files and navigate through it.

The web hosting companies reliability is an important factor because the loading speed depends on it. You should not go for a cheap & unreliable hosting package to save a few bucks.

What Is Free Hosting?Free Hosting

In the debate of free vs. paid to host, everyone thinks that free website hosting is a better choice than a paid one. However, your perception towards the free host might change after reading it.

At some point in our lives, we have opted free web hosting to save money, or we don’t have sufficient funds to buy a premium version.

There are hundreds of companies in the market that offer free web host, and it comes with attractive features like SSL, SSD drive space, Standard performance, 99.99% uptime and more.

I mean, no one would consider the premium hosting, when a company promotes the free host with such features. No hidden charges, no hidden fee, no catches, and reliable at the same time.

How does it work?

Unfortunately, the majority of the free users don’t know how the entire “free” thing is possible.

First, the website hosting companies don’t get anything for free. The companies have to pay for the hardware like a server, HDD, SSD drive, RAM, Processor, etc.

Second, the server is an electronic product, and an engineer is required to maintain it. The salary of an engineer starts from $2 per hour to $9 per hour.

Third, the company invests a lot of money so that they can continue the services without any interruption.

The free hosting service attracts millions of customers & the web hosting digital marketing strategies in a way so that you can purchase premium hosting.

The free vs. paid hosting concept arises, when the hosting provider offers almost premium features.

PROS of Free Hosting:

  1. No hidden charges and it’s 100% free for a lifetime or until the company exists.
  2. Many similar entities compete with each other, and you get amazing features as a benefit.
  3. In case, if you don’t have enough funds to begin your online journey, then you can start with it.
  4. Suitable for small business sites and personal sites.
  5. If you are a student, then it is an excellent tool to utilize in the learning

CONS of Free Hosting:

  1. The biggest hit in free paid hosting comes in ranking the site on Google search engine and partners. The free host utilizes the same IP address, and thousands of sites connected to it can harm your rankings. If you want to rank your site using white hat techniques, then it’s going to be a DIFFICULT journey.
  2. No customer support team.
  3. A few free hosting sites add ticket support like GoogieHost, but the majority of the sites have no customer support.
  4. One of our free host accounts got terminated for no reason. We never recovered those accounts due to no response from the company.
  5. Slow site loading speed.

Your plan consists of ranking keywords, then go for the premium cost. The free host not recommended for shopping sites, ranking sites, and it created a balance in the free vs. paid to host a debate.

What is Paid Hosting?free vs paid hosting

The website hosting packages that you have to pay for it known as paid hosting. A wide range of host packages available in the market like Cloud, SSD hosting, Dedicated, Managed, VPS, WordPress hosting and more.

How does it work?

A paying customer can expect advanced features, hardware, software, and support from the paid hosting.

A simple $100 web hosting package enables the authority to invest funds on better hardware, management, configuration, and developments.

You can take Bluehost, YouStable, etc. for example, who offer affordable premium hosting without compromise in quality + support.

However, conduct your research on the product to make sure that it does not have any loopholes and bad service. Even the biggest names in the industry have flaws, and you don’t want to learn about it after spending on it.

PROS of Paid Hosting:

  1. Reliable & quality hosting.
  2. Excellent customer support offered by reputed companies. (We have tested many web hosting providers like )
  3. Value for money.
  4. Discounts and deals on auspicious occasions. For example, the Black Friday discount can go down up to 80% off.
  5. Decent uptime & website loading speed.

CONS of Paid Hosting:

  1. We suggested you research because there are hosting providers who do not meet our expectations.
  2. Unresponsive customer support in critical conditions.

Apart from the two CONS, we have never experienced any other issues.


If you are reading the end part and could not understand free vs. paid hosting winner, then we have an equation for you.

Tips for Free Hosting Account:

  1. Never run illegal sites or offensive sites or your account subjected for termination.
  2. Never leave your site with no activity for months. Login into your account once in a month, and update your site.
  3. Always read the terms & conditions to avoid termination.
  4. Make sure that the free hosting site has a customer support or ticket support.
  5. Always back up your site files.

In case, if you are spending money on premium hosting, then Google “xxxx hosting review” and read at least ten reviews.

Let us know what do you think about the free vs. paid hosting in the comment section below.

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Increase Website Traffic Fast Free Through Google (2019)

Internet marketing has become a pain for many newbies because the increase website traffic fluctuations and the developments in the SEO strategies change from time to time.

We have experienced the changes and developments happened in the SEO in the last eight years. But, those who live and breathe SEO can survive and move on with the changes. Allow us to show you how you can increase website traffic.

1. Quality Post and SEO

Quality post and seo

Unfortunately, there are many bloggers and professional who have infected the beginner’s society that you can’t increase website traffic without building backlinks.

However, those who are working in the industry for years realize that building backlinks may get you traffic for years, but your revenue won’t improve, and your network remains dull as ever. People won’t engage like other websites because your content is weak and it does not help the people.

When your content is weak, and it does not add any value to the reader, then he closes your window. In the next step, the reader will move to the second website, and he does not search for the same query because the reader is satisfied with the second website answer.

Google realizes that the second website has done a better job than the first website, and then they move the second website to the first position.

Your content should and must be killer enough to tell the world that it solves the reader’s problems.

  1. Your content should be written for the people! You should and must not write for the search engines. You can add keywords, but make sure that you are answering and solving the reader’s problem by the end of the day.
  2. Also You have to make sure that your content readability should be 70% to 80%. You can ask your friends to read your piece of content and tell them to give you feedback to improve.
  3. Explain everything step-by-step. You should not skip one part because there are many people in the world, who have not tried the method and they are not aware of the steps.
  4. Update your content! Let’s assume that you have covered a topic on “5 Reasons Why Your Website is Underperforming and How to Fix Them?” If you are getting 500 unique visitors on that specific article, then you should check GoDaddy interface and options once in three months because they frequently update interface. Update your content with fresh images, information, and new steps. You may experience rankings dropping for a few weeks, but it will go back to normal soon.
  5. Appearance does matter, and you have to ensure that the fonts are not annoying and readers are not having difficulty understanding it.

2. Email Marketing for Increase Website Traffic

E-mail MArketing

Email marketing has dead for many professionals in the field, and there are many contributing factors behind it.

No one knows the exact answer on which method works the best in 2018

But we can tell what not to do that kills your chances to get a response from your audience.

  1. Don’t buy Email Services, who promise you 100,000 emails for few bucks because the 100,000 email users have already annoyed by their inbox filled with spammy emails.
  2. Don’t send frequently email newsletters to your visitors because they will be annoyed by the end of the month.
  3. Make sure to send only a few emails in a month and ensure that they are getting something out of it.
  4. Don’t sell all the time. You should also send greetings on festive moments, or try to connect to your audience by telling them your life story or inspire them by telling them what you achieved last month.

Overall, send email newsletters when you have something special for them.

3. Social Media Traffic

Social Media Traffic

You can get traffic from Social Media websites like Twitter, and Facebook. There are also unique ways to Increase Website Traffic from Reddit, which lasts for weeks without much effort.

  1. On Facebook, you can try Facebook groups because it had worked for me especially I needed instant traffic on specific articles.
  2. Social media makes it top on the list of social media marketing and Internet marketing to ensure that you are not adding title and hashtag to the article, but make sure that you are adding your personality.
  3. Consistency is the key. No Facebook group and Reddit post would give you 100’s of traffic in your first posts. You should keep trying because you may fail 100 times, but you have to try different ways to add value to the users then you will be respected for your work.

4. Commenting


There are many benefits to commenting on popular websites on a daily basis.

However, I would like to tell you the truth about the commenting and how to use it properly.

  1. Don’t post more than five (PUBLISHED) comments in a day. Many blogs and websites are running plugins like ASKIMET, who treat too many comments from same IP SPAM. You will be blocked from it, so make sure to use your IP address and comment on four or five websites a day.
  2. You won’t see any impact of the comments in a day or two. I have tried the effects of the comments for a long time and I can tell you that it takes more than six months to see a little effect of the comments you have posted from last five months.
  3. Also, try o find quality DoFollow blogs that give you a Dofollow Comment LUV links can boost your rankings a little. Unfortunately, nowadays, no blogs are giving out a Do-Follow link.

If you post four comments a day, then in six months you have 240 comments and 240 chances to get traffic from those comments. Aim for a long-term goal, so keep it in mind that short-term ideas won’t work!

5. Social Bookmarking Website

Social Bookmarking Websites

We are using social bookmarking websites for a long time and we can tell you that it has a good impact on your blog.

Did you know?

There are many professionals are not using social bookmarking sites anymore?

The professionals have become so good at building links

And they have developed a network that increase website traffic and links

So they have given up on social media bookmarking.

NOTE: The technique has become irrelevant and dishonored by the Google search engine.

Take the opportunity of professionals missing out social bookmarking websites.

Do not spam social bookmarking websites and especially, your official social bookmarking website page.

You don’t have to post on 100 social bookmarking websites, but make sure to post on most popular bookmarking websites.

6. Buy Traffic

Buy Traffic

There are many ways to increase website traffic from Google

And we can tell you that you can buy traffic from advertisements networks.

There are many websites out there who buy traffic on a daily basis.

Nicki Swift: It is a website and a successful YouTube channel that use third-party advertising companies to increase website traffic.

You will be surprised when you look at their website traffic stats.

BrainBerries: It’s another website that drives from third-party advertisements

And you will be in shock after taking a closer look at their traffic stats.

They pay huge amounts of money to increase website traffic from other websites. You can buy the traffic from several advertisement companies, and the most trusted and expensive network is Google Adwords.

You can buy traffic from Google Adwords and gain instant traffic!


We recommend you to give a try on Social media marketing, Quality post and follow basic SEO rules. We know that you have plenty of doubts, then why not ask us in the comment section? Our experts will answer your questions, or you may get an answer from me.

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Difference Between Cloud Hosting vs VPS Hosting

A lot of people don’t understand the difference between Cloud Hosting vs VPS Hosting. Nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars on technology, then later find out that cloud networking is cheaper.

There are several different aspects of cloud networking and VPS hosting provider. We are going to help you understand the cloud computing hosting and VPS web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

Cloud hosting vs VPS hosting

There are millions of newbies, who do not understand the difference between what is web hosting, VPS hosting packages.

  1. Web hosting is nothing but storage to save files like Images, Pictures, Website, Themes, and other content.
  2. There are various types of web hosting packages. Every package has a meaning to it. For example, shared hosting is one of the cheapest web hostings you can get your hands on it. In shared hosting, there is one server with many users hosting the website on it. Every user on the server shares the same IP address.
  3. However, shared hosting is not right for heavy websites like e-commerce sites, shopping sites, and websites with heavy traffic.
  4. The other packages like VPS, Cloud, Dedicated and Managed web hosting come in to play.

Everyone has been a requirement like unlimited bandwidth, server manager, separate server, and other things.

Trusting various hosting sites always cost you a lot of money and you don’t realize that there are too many web hosting myths surrounding the hosting topic.

What is Cloud Hosting?Cloud hosting vs VPS hosting

We have read many complex explanations on the cloud networking and cloud web hosting. However, we are going to make it easy for you to understand it.

  1. Web hosting is a server.
  2. Cloud web hosting stands for unlimited.
  3. Every web hosting package has physical limitations like storage, RAM, CPU cores, and more.
  4. However, in cloud hosting, you have no physical constraints.
  5. The server configured uniquely so you can upgrade the requirement anytime without paying additional charges.
  6. In short, if you need 2X storage, then you can simply upgrade it, and a new server added to your account. It isn’t possible in shared web hosting, and other packages, unless you pay additional charges.
  7. An affordable web hosting for a growing website.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

There are many benefits of cloud web hosting, and we are going list some of them down.

  1. It saves plenty of money on upgrades.
  2. No worries about technical issues while upgrading.
  3. Secure & reliable.
  4. The speed does not get affected by other users. The top-level security, stability, and incredible performance (website loads faster).
  5. Cloud web hosting is virtual

The cloud web hosting is expensive, but this is an ideal solution if your business is growing.

What is VPS Hosting?

Cloud hosting vs VPS Hosting

VPS full form is a virtual personal server. The server has a data center, and it is located in different parts of the country, or it depends upon the VPS hosting provider. VPS is a single server, where virtual server created with the operating system, fixed bandwidth, and fixed disc space.

VPS is like a dedicated server, but it is highly customization compared to another web hosting. You can choose Windows or Linux OS. In case, if you need more RAM, then you can increase it from the panel. The VPS hosting provider enables you to select the disk space as well.

In shared web hosting, the provider already configures the servers with cPanel + RAM + Storage + Single domain hosting. However, it isn’t the case, and you can get VPS at an affordable price.

VPS in Linux operating system cost you $2 or $3 per month when compared to the Windows version.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

We are not promoting you to go for the VPS because it has PROS & CONS. Make sure to read the comparison to understand the difference, and we are going to include CONS as well.

  1. Best cheap VPS server enables you to select the physical configuration according to your requirements.
  2. VPS is less expensive than a configured dedicated server.
  3. Full control over the server like select OS, make changes, configure the server and tweak the server for performance and more.
  4. If you have 5 million traffic per month, then you can upgrade the server in a few seconds.
  5. The customer care team is always ready to resolve complex technical issues.

We know that everything sounds good on VPS web hosting and cloud computing technology.

Differences between Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting

cloud hosting vs vps hosting

We are going to compare both technologies because they are different. A list of CONS of both technologies compared because it may make a difference in your decision-making process.

No. Cloud Hosting VPS Web Hosting
1. Cheaper than VPS hosting. Expensive than Cloud & Shared hosting
2. 2-core CPU + 2GB RAM cost less starts from $8 per month. 2-core CPU + 2GG RAM cost less starts from $19 per month.
3. Fixed control panel, configuration, and more. Freedom to choose CPU cores, OS (Linux & Windows), RAM, and more.
4. Unlimited storage (according to the plan.) Pay for what you are using.
5. Less control over the configuration, and overall hosting. Full control over the server and you can make changes as per your requirement.
6. Upgrading is easy and costs less. Upgrading is easy and costs 2X of the existing package.
7. Expensive to shared hosting. It cost lesser than a dedicated server.
8. Secure reliable, performance, and more. It is secure, reliable, and more. However, you must have the technical knowledge to operate it.

The comparison is not biased. You can head to any Cloud Hosting vs VPS Hosting provider & compare the prices, and specifications. Always keep in mind that cloud technology and VPS technology are different. They may serve the same purpose, but the technology is different, so make your decision wisely.


Always select VPS in Linux for lesser cost because the Windows control cost you more. However, you will not see much of a difference in Linux OS and Windows OS control panel. Let us know which web hosting technology you prefer after reading the comparison in the comment section below.

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Digital Marketing Training & Internship in Lucknow at Youstable

The Digital Marketing Training & Internship in Lucknow has a lot of value in the multi-national companies because it is next closest thing to the On Job Training, which is essential for the companies to have someone who is experienced because the project will be completed faster with fewer errors.

While Digital Marketing Training & Internship training is nothing, but specific training about a task, which enables the company to understand that the candidate knows basic about the project or the course he or she has learned.

The problem is that major companies nowadays prefer those who have on-job experience because MNC doesn’t have to train young men and women, and they don’t have to take the risk of failure.

In Youstable, we work on various projects which cover all parts of digital marketing, which is ideal for those who want to learn and use the technique and experience in their future endeavors.

In our training, we teach our the interns what the values they need to learn in the Digital Marketing field, which will bring the best in them in future. There are plenty of factors that go into making a first-class digital marketer in the country, which are the core values that we teach our interns.

In the internship, we allow you to involve yourself in the real-time projects which we work for the clients. we allow you to communicate with the clients and take care of the projects under your lead.

I know that none of the newbies is ready to take on the clients in their initial days, but we have a strong training program, which engages you into real-time projects so you can experience real projects and clients, not to take chapter lessons from the book.

We work in various niches, so we have a variety of clients that have various requirements; most of them have custom requirements, which is perfect for the newbies to learn because this is what you are going to experience in future.

Books can teach you words, but it cannot help you experience the real-life projects, which are entirely different from what books describe. The difference can be seen the moment you start learning and implementing what you learned with us.

We do have training programs that keep you in check on when and what you should learn and how you will implement it in the coming projects, this is how you get to involve yourself with the clients.

Lucknow Based Digital marketing training & Internship

Digital marketing

Many digital marketing training facilities are treating it as a business rather than teaching the students how the fields work.

In other expensive facilities, you get books, CD’s, manuals, and more unnecessary stuff that is not going to help you succeed in the field at all. When you put them to work, you find it irrelevant.

We have developed training, which is based on our clients and their needs, which means you are going to learn lessons, which is less based on books and more based on actual clients, projects, and our strategies.

Our digital marketing training helps you learn new things and polish those skills. Our training develops you to go out with confidence and start working for a company without any extra knowledge because we have already covered them.

SEO training & Internship Institute Near me Lucknow

SEO training

Our SEO training & Internship Institute near Lucknow includes on-page, off-page, email marketing, content marketing, video marketing, and more.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the core subject in the digital marketing and many companies get paid from $100 to $1,00,000 to work on the SEO for a website or any projects.

SEO is nothing but promoting the website and taking it to the first page of the top search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu.

We cover all basic to core topics of the SEO in our training, so if you can learn everything to rank a website on the top to the search engine.

We also teach you things which many programs don’t want you to know what works today will not work tomorrow, we ensure that you are prepared for that situation as well.

Social media marketing Training & Internship Near Lucknow


There are plenty of factors that go into SMM training, which requires plenty of knowledge. We do not follow the books, and the majority of the program books are preparing you for the past.

Our training program books & training comes from real-time experience, which we put together for the client’s projects.

Our company works on many clients’ projects, which includes Social Media marketing, so we know exactly what is working today and what it will be like in the coming future.

We prepare you for the future with working methods that our company applies to fulfill the client’s requirements.

PPC Marketing Training & Internship In Lucknow

PPC Marketing

In short, advertising on various sites, the major ad network is Google Adwords, which is the powerful advertisement network in the world right now. You can say we are the best Digital Marketing & PPC Training in Lucknow.

In the PPC marketing, we have put together a training program, where you will learn exactly how you can reach more people with the right price.

Many programs fail to teach the students on how much budget they have put to get the right response from the community.

We teach you everything from step-by-step, where you learn about Adwords & its tools and how to use them. You will learn to decide a budget, research, plan, and execute a successful advertisement PPC campaign.

The Onsite Training & Internship Process for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

We learn from others failures and make the best program for the students, so allow our students to involve into projects so we can test them if they are ready to take on real projects or not.

Our training process involves a variety of lessons and tests, which keep you updated about what going on in the digital marketing community, and you can put them to the test.

Onsite training process tests your skills, if you make any mistakes, we rectify them right away, and show you the right path.

Corporate Training for Digital Marketing & Internship

Digital Marketing

In digital marketing, there is a topic called corporate marketing, which is different from the rest. The topics will be relevant from what you learn from SSM, SEO, PPC, and others.

The difference will be in research, planning, and execution.

No one can teach the exact corporate digital marketing because every company is different in a niche, size, number of employees, and budget.

However, the fundamental core values remain the same, in simple words, in math, there are many problems, but the formula to solve them are only a few.

Our program reveals those formulas; then we help you solve the existing problems so that you can accept any challenge in the future.