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We will learn why Digital Marketing is important for your online or offline business and how to boost up your presence on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc

digital marketing scope
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Importance of Digital Marketing and Scope in India 2019

Digital marketing Scope is becoming a solution for Indian entrepreneurs, why? Keep reading; we are going to reveal that to you.

What is digital marketing?

digital marketing Scope

Everyone has this one question what is digital marketing? First, we assume that you already know about marketing, which is nothing but promoting the product, services or the company on streets, ad banners, tv commercials, and there are many other ways.

The word Digital stands for Internet or Online world. If you are making a payment online, then it is called a digital transaction.

The digital marketing scope in India is growing at a fast pace, if you are thinking about how you can make it top in India, then here’s the good news for you.

India started to grow digitally at an amazing rate since Jio 4G introduced, before Jio 4G.

Newest things and New Opportunity

digital marketing Scope

Online marketing has enabled many people to start their business online, one of the major reasons why many people are trying their luck in online marketing because people can create their opportunity.

They don’t have to work for the robotic life of MNC companies, not only that person who are introducing the newest solutions that can solve any problems big times.

Flexible and Easy to use

digital marketing Scope

Digital advertising is not difficult if you plan to do it in India, but if you are targeting some other countries, then you will have competition.

The Internet is very easy to understand and use, but you need to learn the right way to implement your idea or else, you will fail regardless of your connections and investments.

Fastest Reach

digital marketing scope

Even we have seen tremendous reach within a short time, if one goes viral, then huge following and sales are a matter of time.

Online marketing is easy when you know the right place and the right market to promote your products. There is no doubt that you can get the word of your product or business faster online.

There are plenty of sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and more to get instant traffic and sales to your business page within no time.

Influencer Marketing

digital marketing scope

Influencer marketing is also another interesting way to get the word out because people trust these influencers, so getting instant traffic and sales is possible using influencer marketing.

In our sales strategy, we have used influencer assistance in sales, which has worked for us. One of the biggest reason why it works because the followers have faith in them, then the followers are related to your product, so the chances getting sales is tremendous.

High engagement

digital marketing scope

In online marketing, only a few people can understand that the engagement is very high when you promote your product online.

People have no fear when they have something to post online because freedom of speech is encouraged on social media.

The freedom of speech is what encourages people to talk about your product Positively or Negatively. If you have added value to the users, then you are guaranteed to get a lot of attention and sales online because word of mouth becomes effective.

Higher return small investment

digital marketing scope

All right, many of you get excited when you find something that cost you less, while returns are higher.

Let me tell you the truth about the small investments and higher returns, it is true, it does happen often, but that is not entirely true.

Here are the conditions,

If you are a newbie, who doesn’t have on field experience in digital advertising, then you are bound to lose money instead of making money.

There are plenty of aspects that go into promotion & online marketing. If you have done your research well, then you will lose money.

The BIGGEST problem of all is that there are no websites or blogs that teach you how you can get sales from Facebook marketing, this is something you have to find out by investing on social media and other places.

We know that there are people who share knowledge online, but no one reveals online marketing strategies because it can kill their own business.

Do you think digital marketing course will help you? Let me tell you the truth about digital marketing course; it is a path or guide that helps you understand the fundamental structure of the online marketing.

What works today, it won’t work tomorrow, that is the truth about online marketing.


We are not trying to discourage you but to tell you the truth, which many professionals don’t tell you before you start. The journey is long, but if you have the guidance of a PRO, then you will succeed faster. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

How to Increase Website Traffic
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Increase Website Traffic Fast Free Through Google (2019)

Internet marketing has become a pain for many newbies because the increase website traffic fluctuations and the developments in the SEO strategies change from time to time.

We have experienced the changes and developments happened in the SEO in the last eight years. But, those who live and breathe SEO can survive and move on with the changes. Allow us to show you how you can increase website traffic.

1. Quality Post and SEO

Quality post and seo

Unfortunately, there are many bloggers and professional who have infected the beginner’s society that you can’t increase website traffic without building backlinks.

However, those who are working in the industry for years realize that building backlinks may get you traffic for years, but your revenue won’t improve, and your network remains dull as ever. People won’t engage like other websites because your content is weak and it does not help the people.

When your content is weak, and it does not add any value to the reader, then he closes your window. In the next step, the reader will move to the second website, and he does not search for the same query because the reader is satisfied with the second website answer.

Google realizes that the second website has done a better job than the first website, and then they move the second website to the first position.

Your content should and must be killer enough to tell the world that it solves the reader’s problems.

  1. Your content should be written for the people! You should and must not write for the search engines. You can add keywords, but make sure that you are answering and solving the reader’s problem by the end of the day.
  2. Also You have to make sure that your content readability should be 70% to 80%. You can ask your friends to read your piece of content and tell them to give you feedback to improve.
  3. Explain everything step-by-step. You should not skip one part because there are many people in the world, who have not tried the method and they are not aware of the steps.
  4. Update your content! Let’s assume that you have covered a topic on “5 Reasons Why Your Website is Underperforming and How to Fix Them?” If you are getting 500 unique visitors on that specific article, then you should check GoDaddy interface and options once in three months because they frequently update interface. Update your content with fresh images, information, and new steps. You may experience rankings dropping for a few weeks, but it will go back to normal soon.
  5. Appearance does matter, and you have to ensure that the fonts are not annoying and readers are not having difficulty understanding it.

2. Email Marketing for Increase Website Traffic

E-mail MArketing

Email marketing has dead for many professionals in the field, and there are many contributing factors behind it.

No one knows the exact answer on which method works the best in 2018

But we can tell what not to do that kills your chances to get a response from your audience.

  1. Don’t buy Email Services, who promise you 100,000 emails for few bucks because the 100,000 email users have already annoyed by their inbox filled with spammy emails.
  2. Don’t send frequently email newsletters to your visitors because they will be annoyed by the end of the month.
  3. Make sure to send only a few emails in a month and ensure that they are getting something out of it.
  4. Don’t sell all the time. You should also send greetings on festive moments, or try to connect to your audience by telling them your life story or inspire them by telling them what you achieved last month.

Overall, send email newsletters when you have something special for them.

3. Social Media Traffic

Social Media Traffic

You can get traffic from Social Media websites like Twitter, and Facebook. There are also unique ways to Increase Website Traffic from Reddit, which lasts for weeks without much effort.

  1. On Facebook, you can try Facebook groups because it had worked for me especially I needed instant traffic on specific articles.
  2. Social media makes it top on the list of social media marketing and Internet marketing to ensure that you are not adding title and hashtag to the article, but make sure that you are adding your personality.
  3. Consistency is the key. No Facebook group and Reddit post would give you 100’s of traffic in your first posts. You should keep trying because you may fail 100 times, but you have to try different ways to add value to the users then you will be respected for your work.

4. Commenting


There are many benefits to commenting on popular websites on a daily basis.

However, I would like to tell you the truth about the commenting and how to use it properly.

  1. Don’t post more than five (PUBLISHED) comments in a day. Many blogs and websites are running plugins like ASKIMET, who treat too many comments from same IP SPAM. You will be blocked from it, so make sure to use your IP address and comment on four or five websites a day.
  2. You won’t see any impact of the comments in a day or two. I have tried the effects of the comments for a long time and I can tell you that it takes more than six months to see a little effect of the comments you have posted from last five months.
  3. Also, try o find quality DoFollow blogs that give you a Dofollow Comment LUV links can boost your rankings a little. Unfortunately, nowadays, no blogs are giving out a Do-Follow link.

If you post four comments a day, then in six months you have 240 comments and 240 chances to get traffic from those comments. Aim for a long-term goal, so keep it in mind that short-term ideas won’t work!

5. Social Bookmarking Website

Social Bookmarking Websites

We are using social bookmarking websites for a long time and we can tell you that it has a good impact on your blog.

Did you know?

There are many professionals are not using social bookmarking sites anymore?

The professionals have become so good at building links

And they have developed a network that increase website traffic and links

So they have given up on social media bookmarking.

NOTE: The technique has become irrelevant and dishonored by the Google search engine.

Take the opportunity of professionals missing out social bookmarking websites.

Do not spam social bookmarking websites and especially, your official social bookmarking website page.

You don’t have to post on 100 social bookmarking websites, but make sure to post on most popular bookmarking websites.

6. Buy Traffic

Buy Traffic

There are many ways to increase website traffic from Google

And we can tell you that you can buy traffic from advertisements networks.

There are many websites out there who buy traffic on a daily basis.

Nicki Swift: It is a website and a successful YouTube channel that use third-party advertising companies to increase website traffic.

You will be surprised when you look at their website traffic stats.

BrainBerries: It’s another website that drives from third-party advertisements

And you will be in shock after taking a closer look at their traffic stats.

They pay huge amounts of money to increase website traffic from other websites. You can buy the traffic from several advertisement companies, and the most trusted and expensive network is Google Adwords.

You can buy traffic from Google Adwords and gain instant traffic!


We recommend you to give a try on Social media marketing, Quality post and follow basic SEO rules. We know that you have plenty of doubts, then why not ask us in the comment section? Our experts will answer your questions, or you may get an answer from me.

Digital marketing Course in lucknow
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Digital Marketing Training & Internship in Lucknow at Youstable

The Digital Marketing Training & Internship in Lucknow has a lot of value in the multi-national companies because it is next closest thing to the On Job Training, which is essential for the companies to have someone who is experienced because the project will be completed faster with fewer errors.

While Digital Marketing Training & Internship training is nothing, but specific training about a task, which enables the company to understand that the candidate knows basic about the project or the course he or she has learned.

The problem is that major companies nowadays prefer those who have on-job experience because MNC doesn’t have to train young men and women, and they don’t have to take the risk of failure.

In Youstable, we work on various projects which cover all parts of digital marketing, which is ideal for those who want to learn and use the technique and experience in their future endeavors.

In our training, we teach our the interns what the values they need to learn in the Digital Marketing field, which will bring the best in them in future. There are plenty of factors that go into making a first-class digital marketer in the country, which are the core values that we teach our interns.

In the internship, we allow you to involve yourself in the real-time projects which we work for the clients. we allow you to communicate with the clients and take care of the projects under your lead.

I know that none of the newbies is ready to take on the clients in their initial days, but we have a strong training program, which engages you into real-time projects so you can experience real projects and clients, not to take chapter lessons from the book.

We work in various niches, so we have a variety of clients that have various requirements; most of them have custom requirements, which is perfect for the newbies to learn because this is what you are going to experience in future.

Books can teach you words, but it cannot help you experience the real-life projects, which are entirely different from what books describe. The difference can be seen the moment you start learning and implementing what you learned with us.

We do have training programs that keep you in check on when and what you should learn and how you will implement it in the coming projects, this is how you get to involve yourself with the clients.

Lucknow Based Digital marketing training & Internship

Digital marketing

Many digital marketing training facilities are treating it as a business rather than teaching the students how the fields work.

In other expensive facilities, you get books, CD’s, manuals, and more unnecessary stuff that is not going to help you succeed in the field at all. When you put them to work, you find it irrelevant.

We have developed training, which is based on our clients and their needs, which means you are going to learn lessons, which is less based on books and more based on actual clients, projects, and our strategies.

Our digital marketing training helps you learn new things and polish those skills. Our training develops you to go out with confidence and start working for a company without any extra knowledge because we have already covered them.

SEO training & Internship Institute Near me Lucknow

SEO training

Our SEO training & Internship Institute near Lucknow includes on-page, off-page, email marketing, content marketing, video marketing, and more.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the core subject in the digital marketing and many companies get paid from $100 to $1,00,000 to work on the SEO for a website or any projects.

SEO is nothing but promoting the website and taking it to the first page of the top search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu.

We cover all basic to core topics of the SEO in our training, so if you can learn everything to rank a website on the top to the search engine.

We also teach you things which many programs don’t want you to know what works today will not work tomorrow, we ensure that you are prepared for that situation as well.

Social media marketing Training & Internship Near Lucknow


There are plenty of factors that go into SMM training, which requires plenty of knowledge. We do not follow the books, and the majority of the program books are preparing you for the past.

Our training program books & training comes from real-time experience, which we put together for the client’s projects.

Our company works on many clients’ projects, which includes Social Media marketing, so we know exactly what is working today and what it will be like in the coming future.

We prepare you for the future with working methods that our company applies to fulfill the client’s requirements.

PPC Marketing Training & Internship In Lucknow

PPC Marketing

In short, advertising on various sites, the major ad network is Google Adwords, which is the powerful advertisement network in the world right now. You can say we are the best Digital Marketing & PPC Training in Lucknow.

In the PPC marketing, we have put together a training program, where you will learn exactly how you can reach more people with the right price.

Many programs fail to teach the students on how much budget they have put to get the right response from the community.

We teach you everything from step-by-step, where you learn about Adwords & its tools and how to use them. You will learn to decide a budget, research, plan, and execute a successful advertisement PPC campaign.

The Onsite Training & Internship Process for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

We learn from others failures and make the best program for the students, so allow our students to involve into projects so we can test them if they are ready to take on real projects or not.

Our training process involves a variety of lessons and tests, which keep you updated about what going on in the digital marketing community, and you can put them to the test.

Onsite training process tests your skills, if you make any mistakes, we rectify them right away, and show you the right path.

Corporate Training for Digital Marketing & Internship

Digital Marketing

In digital marketing, there is a topic called corporate marketing, which is different from the rest. The topics will be relevant from what you learn from SSM, SEO, PPC, and others.

The difference will be in research, planning, and execution.

No one can teach the exact corporate digital marketing because every company is different in a niche, size, number of employees, and budget.

However, the fundamental core values remain the same, in simple words, in math, there are many problems, but the formula to solve them are only a few.

Our program reveals those formulas; then we help you solve the existing problems so that you can accept any challenge in the future.

website underperforming
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5 Reasons Why Your Website is Underperforming and How to Fix Them?

Search engines have become very complicated over the years to understand its actual ranking factors. We face several problems when it comes to indexing our website and its pages on a regular basis.

The struggle keep goes on, and we have a deal with it. We see many newbies complaining about the website traffic decreasing for no reason apparently.

5 Reasons Why Your Website is Underperforming and How to Fix Them?

We are going to cover one of the important topics about why your website is not performing well on search engines.

Search Engine Unable to Detect

website underperforming

What many people don’t know that search engine is nothing but an algorithm, which carried out by a bot.

The bot doesn’t have human intelligence, so it uses a specific language is known as on-page optimization & off-page optimization.

It is more likely that your website is not detectable to the Google or any search engine bot.

What’s next?

There is nothing to fear about it because you can solve it by adding a Sitemap, Robots.TXT, and make sure to have good web hosting.

Note: Most of the time, a messed up or wrongly configured Robots.txt causes the bot to ignore your website.

Indexed, but Missing

website underperforming

It has happened to almost every blogger and web publisher that they have successfully indexed their website in google search console, but do not see their page in Google search results.

Now, what to do?

Isn’t that obvious, your website doesn’t have enough backlinks to prove that it’s worth putting on the front page.

You need to learn search engine optimization techniques, which also includes building backlinks from high authority websites, though it is against the Google guidelines.

Make sure to build backlinks from high authority websites naturally or else; your web page will be discouraged by the Google for violating their policy.

Slow website

website underperforming

Personally, I don’t like to wait for the website to load, it should be quick.

If not quick, then it should not be slow either.

To learn whether your website is slower or faster, you can use website speed test method.

Website speed depends on the hosting package, so you have to upgrade to the package which runs on SSD servers.

If you are planning to rank on Google, then use Google Page Insights tool, which tells you accurate results on where you have to work on the site.

Not Responsive

website underperforming

Google in 2015 said that smartphones usage would increase tremendously, so they prepared their services to work smoothly on all smartphones or compact devices.

The officials have also made it mandatory to make every website responsive, so they are compatible with smartphones, smaller screen devices, and tablets.

My question to you, is your website mobile-friendly?

If not, then you are making a bigger mistake because mobile-friendly is ranking factor today.


website underperforming

There are too many websites nowadays, which are not user-friendly.

If you are providing all those basic functions to keep the reader on the site, then what are you doing?

Many websites and blogs have irrelevant header menus and footer menu.

Even the search bar is missing from the website homepage, or they disappear in the next pages.

Do not make it hard for the users to find your website. How to do that? Collect emails, join social media, newsletters, and more.


Content Marketing,

We have many people on the Internet who are making thousands of dollars without having the quality of content, which inspires us to believe that content is not needed to be successful on the Google.

The concept of being successful on Google is entirely wrong.

Google clearly tells you to write for the readers, visitors, or clients, not for search engines. They (Google & other search engines) want people to be happy, so the algorithm aims to provide best results, not bad quality content to the people.

Content is king, no one can argue about it. What is our point?

Let’s assume that you are a reader, who is interested to know about “Best Bluetooth speakers,” then you are expecting a list that is tested, double checked, and known for quality, right?

If the content on the site is fake and does not answer your question, then you will leave and never to come back, right?

Readers or clients make you richer in wealth and traffic, not search engines because they want quality content.

Every article you write should come from experience and must be optimized for the people.


The search engine is like physics that will leave you in confusion, but make sure to follow our suggestions for more visibility. Let us know your views in the comment section below.


Influencer marketing
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Trends That Will Dominate Influencer Marketing in 2018

A recent research revealed that most of the marketers plan on executing at least one influencer marketing strategies for their business in this year. It is the 21st century; many people call it as a digital era. These are not the days that most people sit in front of televisions and watch advertisements. Internet became the main platform for many brands to advertise their business. Influencer marketing has been discovered as potential marketing strategy many brands, Influencers has the power and charisma to attract the people who follow them on social media. If you win the hearts of influencers, it is easy to win the hearts of their followers. Right now, influencer marketing is in starting stage and it will undoubtedly expand further in 2018.

How Influencer marketing by website making will change away the fate of brands in 2018Influencer marketing

Brand believes the power of social influencers, this is one of the reasons why investments have increased during this year. The scope of influenced marketing is extended to several platforms, but it is widely used by businesses in social media marketing. Let’s have a look at the trends that will dominate influence marketing in 2018. Most of the customers are now willing to purchase any item by getting influenced by social media reference. Choose a best web hosting to build a good website and take the help of influencer to promote it. As of now, this technique has proved itself to be the budget solution with most effective results to reach and engage the target audience.

Influencer marketing will surpass other modules

influencer marketing

Small and medium scale organizations that are not in a position to afford huge expensive are shifting towards influence marketing which allows them to save few bucks while generating the maximum reach. With the influencers showing their capabilities to raise or lower down the brand’s fame in the market. In the upcoming days, this strategy can actually surpass all other channels. Investing in influencer is a good decision as it definitely helps to grow business and brands reputation.

Video marketing is essential for attracting the audience.

Influencer marketing

Most of the people don’t show much interest in reading the entire matter whatever is posted. So a good video displaying your brands and services in an impressive manner is enough to gain customers attention. Everything will be informative if an engaging video is made, Using video for marketing is one the biggest influencer marketing trend in 2018. You don’t need to shell out your purses or bank balance to make a rich eye-catching video. People show interest to watch the video rather than reading the lengthy content.

Instagram is an important platform for influencer marketing.

 influencer marketing

Day by day the popularity of Instagram is increasing; more youth are getting attracted towards this social media app. It has also become a good platform for influencer marketing.  This mode of marketing helps you reach more people within less time and presents visual content in forms of photos and videos. It will help to connect with different categories of people across the world and focus on establishing meaningful relationships with influencers to stand out in the crowd.

Influencer’s value increases in 2018

 influencer marketing

With more and more companies shifting towards influencer marketing, the demand for influencers will rise to new levels. As this platform becomes more popular, influences with good name and following will be able to charge brands more. They know that brands need them more than they need the brands and can be selective in regards to which companies they work with.

We can observe growth in B2B influencers

 influencer marketing

Marketing through influencers is mostly seen as an emerging channel to influence the opinion of consumers through social media and other available sources. Apart from that, there are many B2B marketers who successfully used influencers for their attracting customers. When B2B marketers take help of influencer marketing, it is rather common to partner with them and at the same time launching campaigns on professional channels like LinkedIn

More new rules and laws against influencers

 influencer marketing

During the initial days of influencer marketing era, brands contacted influencers and which led to social media posts where people were recommending some products or services. But with the increasing use of this marketing strategy, the scenario has changed as new rules have been brought forward on this platform.

Business focus on building relationship

Influencer marketing

Considering the craze of influencer marketing, business will definitely keep an eye f building relationship that benefits them. Brands concentrate on business growth placing an emphasis on relationships through consistent outreach and in-person collaborations.

In a world where consumers increasingly trust their peers and online people, this marketing method marketing will be an important strategy for brands to adopt in 2018.



Digital Marketing,

Role of Digital Marketing for Political Campaigns Strategies

Digital marketing plays a major role in many public figure life; there is no doubt that they hold the majority of their success online.

From small-time companies to major players in the industry are using the digital marketing techniques to promote and grow some audiences to increase sales or brand promotion.

There is a saying “Sky is the limit” which applies to the role of Digital Marketing for political campaign strategies. From past decade, the candidates who have invested in the election campaign to get higher number votes in a specific state or city.

In the year of 2008, when Obama became president of the USA, he has used the digital marketing election campaign. The marketing strategy has also used in election campaign In India.

In the year of 2014, when current Prime Minister was the center of the stage because of his political campaign & election campaign, where the BJP has invested more than 1000 crores.

It has not been proved that 1000 crores have invested by the BJP to retire Congress and rise of BJP’s own Narendra Modi.

The Obama franchise invested more than $100M in the campaigns back in 2008 to ensure that opposition is not able to come forward and run for the president again.

There is no doubt that Obama character has played it well and he has won the hearts of millions by his warming words and his clear goals that can connect every American.

The American community is considered as a developed, where political Advertising Marketing is a crucial factor.

Not many people have seen the ADS but there has been a lot of advertisements aired on the USA network, CBS, and other major networks to dominate the opposition election campaign.

Modi Jee 2014 PM Election Campaign Strategies can be seen with the slogan “Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar” which has created a buzz all over the Internet and community.

Millions of mems and Whatsapp messages were shared which were not only hilarious but also positively impacting the election campaign.

From Facebook to Whatsapp messages, you can find slogans, funny texts mocking the opposition parties, and promoting the slogan throughout the Indian online market.

In the Obama Campaign 2012 more than $50M were invested in the informercials so that they can reach the community, which are not easy to connect via the political campaign.

The slogan “Change we can believe in” was promoted on another level, which was part of their digital political strategies.

During the last elections The Obama Campaign 2012, Donald Trump raised the question whether if Obama is an American or not?

Donald has asked to provide a birth certificate, which has affected him a little but the strong political election campaign salutation has helped him overcome, so you can under the strength and power of the role of Digital Marketing in the political election campaign.

Have you guessed what goes into the political election campaign salutation? If not, then we are going to reveal it to you.

We may not be able to give you an exact and accurate number on how much have spent on every category, but you can create your marketing strategy by learning the basic Prime minister & Presidential marketing campaigns.

1. Candidate Name Branding

Candidate Name Branding

Everything begins with the candidate name. If the people don’t know and don’t recognize the face, then they are doomed.

Isn’t that what happened to the majority of the candidates. None of the people outside of the territory or state could not recognize them.

While Donald Trump was already a known figure in the states because of his business ventures & reality shows.

What special Donald Trump did that none of the other candidates couldn’t?

He involves himself with the politics since 2001, during the George W Bush period. Instead of jumping in the politics when he had the chance he held back.

Donald started to build his image via appearing on some reality shows, interviews, making controversial comments, bringing new political subjects to talk about.

Donald had the chance to go against the Obama back in 2012, but he skipped and came prepared in the year of 2016.

Donald Trump has spent more than $377 millions of dollars.

However, did you know that Mitt Romney has spent $460 Million and Hillary has spent $775 millions of only one million dollars left after closing?

Everyone spent a lot of money, but Donald won by spending lesser amount than anybody else.

How did he do it?

He played smart compared to others.

  1. His slogan is “make America Great Again,” which used in the marketing campaign and spread it all over America.
  2. The controversial comments posted on his Social Media accounts like the Twitter. He is leading everyone to his Twitter page and Facebook and keep promoting his name using these mediums.
  3. In the infomercials his words “I am Donald Trump, and I approve it” is heard more than a 100 millions times by the Americans. Donald Trump has used the culture of Twitter and Instagram a lot to ensure that young generation knows who he is and what he can do for them.
  4. The last digital political strategies were to ensure that he will stay on the news every single day.

These are very few examples of many, we have revealed here.

2. Website As your Brand

Website as Your Brand

A very important part of the election campaign, where the candidates of the certain country to have it ready when going for the election.

Let’s take someone out of context of the examples we have taken so far.

Did you know that WWE Kane has recently started a campaign to become the Knox County Mayor?

Despite being a WWE Superstar, he has done a fabulous job in building a site to promote his political campaign.

Now we know that an official site is needed to promote the election campaign but how to make it best political Website?

In the digital political strategies, a best political website needed for every election.

Let’s look at what the team of Glenn Jacobs aka Kane has added.

  1. The very first thing you see is the sentimental emotion connection. Where Glenn has added a family picture, which breaks the gap of Mayor-figure to a family man.
  2. He added a video (Duration – 1:32 minutes), where he explains who he is and what he stands in the election. The video has got more than 160,000+ views on Youtube.
  3. Without wasting any more time, Glenn has pointed out the issues that he can fix them after he becomes the Mayor of the Knox County.
  4. He has listed the events the going to attend for the next seven days, which educates the people to reach him during these events.
  5. In the last, he did not leave much information.

If you pay attention to the Mayor-level website, you can see that there were no unnecessary tabs and sections. He & the digital political strategies played right-off the bat.

If you look at the site of Donald Trump, it is very well-build with bullet points that will leave a positive mark on the citizens of America.

3. Social Media Political Campaign

Social Media Political Campaign

We have given many examples of the social media political campaign and to understand its greatness, we have to move to the Presidential and Prime Minister level election campaign In India.

We have seen millions of quotes and memes regarding the political Advertising Marketing.

However, how much effective were they? How much did each candidate has spent on the promotions?

The candidates have used official Facebook and Twitter accounts to get the message out, but that’s not where the majority of the money have spent.

In the case of Mr.Narendra Modi political Advertising Marketing, the team has used many different ways like the Youtube.

The company who happens to be the responsible for all the task have approached many YouTubers to put the pre-ready videos on their channel.

The alleged USA-based company has hired a creative team to get the job done. They have hired a team of professionals who are not only creatives but also a media-related small company.

The small media related companies started to approach Youtube channels who mainly target Young audiences aged between 18-30+, then make a video where the BJP stands tall in some way.

However, if you try to find those videos on Youtube or any other platform, then let me tell you that they have been deleted or removed by the Admin.

According to digital political strategies, they happen to remove so that they won’t get any buzz after the election over, then the results announced.

The role of Social Media is that these media companies use their connections to meet up with the people who own or have social media pages with an amazing following.

The BJP was promoting “Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar” slogan in a creative way.

The highest number of shares and likes came from the Facebook platform.

Coming to the USA president Donald, it was the Twitter, then Facebook.

However, none of the promotions was leading to the best political Website.

4. WhatsApp Political Marketing

WhatsApp Political Marketing

The highest marketing is done on Whatsapp by BJP for sure.

We should put it this way, they have to light the fire, but the catalyst of fuel became the people themselves.

The community who are responsible for Whatsapp shares is the BJP members.

The number of members who spread the content is vast; we have witnessed it ourselves.

Ironically, most of them are youngsters who are either getting paid for it or, we have seen a lot of BJP and allies parties asking to join the member’s private groups, then started sharing the innovative images.

There are many funny jokes, and most of them are based on real facts on how the political situation works.

How Whatsapp Marketing Works?

Our theory completely based on what we have witnessed and shared with our Whatsapp and Friends WhatsApp account.

  1. The political parties gather their young members and instruct them to share it with other groups or groups they are already a member of it.
  2. The companies create massive groups on Whatsapp (They are pre-ready groups), where they share one or two interesting content on it, which inspires them to share it with the various community.
  3. On Whatsapp, many people like to earn few bucks for sharing; many media companies use these platform to get the content shared for few dollars.
  4. We received a link long back, where you get $1 for sharing the link. However, none of the members has received the $1 mobile recharge the site has promised, but thousands of people have clicked it.
  5. The most shared content on Whatsapp are images, people started to create their funny images and shared it with their respective groups and people.

There are many other ways the digital marketing companies have used, but we have only shared information, which we have witnessed ourselves.

5. Target Young Audience

Target Young Audience

Nobody would deny that the political election campaign salutation targeted towards the youth.

Young people who aged between 18 to 30, especially 30 targetted because most of the men in their mid 30’s were struggling to get their dream jobs.

Mr.Modi has said it many times that they support men who are unable to get their dream jobs.

According to the ABC news, more than one million young people have voted for the Donald Trump. The interesting fact is that the voters are staying home.

Hillary did not connect with the people, where she has lost the support of the people who are staying home.

The word “JOBS” have a major role in attracting people who were struggling to get jobs in India.

Even in the USA, Donald Trump has gained the majority of the votes because he was going to bring back the jobs that China is taking away from their people.

Almost 90% of the interviews & events, which Donald has attended include the word “JOBS and China.

The fact is that getting the young aged 20 – 30 is easy because JOBS are indeed a big issue in many countries.

There has been an issue which is a major problem in many countries that the people are not voting.

The medium has also used to make the young, and eligible voters get out of the house and leave the comfort zone to vote.

In the political campaign, it is mandatory that majority of the people are getting their siblings, relatives, and young people vote on the day.

Even in India, the Modi Jee 2014 PM Election Campaign Strategies included targeting the young audience, where the BJP has targeted using a slogan “Ache din ane wale hai.

Fulfilling the promises is a different subject, where Mr.Modi has promised to give 10 million jobs within a matter of years but unfortunately, only 500,000 new jobs created.

Both candidates (Trump and Modi) used the JOBS as a backbone to get young men and women on the platform.

6. Door to Door Strategies

Door to Door Strategies

There is no proof that the old ways are no longer effective. Trump did a good job at it.

In this case, Donald Trump has organized many events in various cities and small towns, where he has spoken to the people who he will do for them.

How does the process work?

  1. Selecting the right place – Donald has selected the places where there are young people who are looking for JOBS, Security, Decrease crime, and more.
  2. Instead of sending the staff, the main candidate has reached the homes of people to have a pleasant According to the researched, those who reach the people door to door have higher chances of getting votes from the people.
  3. These parties do their homework by going to local election authority to meet the people who are on the list. In simple words, they only reach to those people who are eligible to vote in the county or district.
  4. The candidate does not do all of the work. The candidate has a staff, who ring the bell, greet the voters, and when they are prepared to talk, that is when the candidate is allowed to talk. It saves time and energy for the candidate.
  5. In election campaign In India, most of the candidates visit the houses of voters once in a week to ensure that they have the support of the people. To maintain the information about the candidate the political Advertising Marketing comes in handy, the staff hands over pamphlets and booklets which includes information.

There is no doubt that a personal visit from the Mayor, MLA and, Senator candidate does add tremendous value to the election campaign In India.

7. Audience poll

Audience poll

Nowadays we see audience poll on the various platform to find out who is going to win the election.

The audience poll also tells the performance of the political Advertising Marketing standing in the election campaign In India.

Even in the USA, many people who have a massive following on Twitter or Facebook have used the option of polling to learn about the current winning candidate.

However, it is not accurate because the poll is online and anyone can hit on the button.

According to the research conducted by a team of professionals said that only 20% audience poll has a valid voter ID card.

No matter what the results are in the audience poll because the people who have valid voters card will be under the impression that the candidate has the support of the people.

So, the new audience who does not know the candidate will start searching for more information about the candidate and having a best political Website will lead to one more vote on the side.

8. Bulk SMS As You Greeting Message

Bulk SMS As You Greeting Massage

In the political election campaign salutation, technology plays a crucial part because of it a trend and most powerful device on the earth right now.

In political Advertising Marketing, it is important for the company to ensure that the people do not forget the name of the candidate and his goals.

Every individual in the country has a competition, obstacles, and objectives, which is called LIFE.

In the busy life of a person, the chances of forgetting the candidate information are extremely high.

To get rid of this gap the marketing firm has to keep reminding the person on a daily basis.

The firms organize a team of creative people, who can think of most entertaining and funny messages.

Greeting text is just a theory because the election campaign is now using the modern ways to connect with the voters.

For example,

Reminding the people over and over about the election day is the most common method used by the politicians nowadays.

However, one of the election campaigns In India sent a greeting text, which had

  • “Dekha hai Pahali bar, Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar.”
  • “One one Lolipop, BJP is On the Top.”

The creativity of the Indian firms is on PRO-level.


All dots connect with each other, what do you think about the role of Digital Marketing for Political Campaign Strategies in your country? A simple strategy is not enough but if one wants to promote himself, then a huge firm is needed with huge investment is needed.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

2018 Digital marketing trends
Digital Marketing,

2019 Digital Marketing Trends

The biggest market in the 21st century is new social media trends, which have proven to be the first source to increase sales and build a brand around it.

Digital marketing trends are the core of everything in marketing trends; however, if you are planning to lead the new ways to improve digital marketing specialist skills, then you are at the right place.

2019 Digital Marketing Trends

We are going to reveal the market trends 2017 that will help you improve your skills for 2018.

1. AR Technology Integrated Through Social Media

2018 digital marketing trends

AR Technology

Major social media platforms have invested millions of dollars in the development of the new social media trends.

Social media giants like Facebook are working to add the latest AR which stands for Augmented reality which is a next-generation technology of virtual reality.

AR devices are in development, and Facebook wants to be the first to launch and support AR devices.

You can imagine the number of sales & traffic you can get from this technology.

2. Influencer Marketing

2018 digital marketing trends

2018 digital marketing trends

No matter which country you belong to because there is one which almost every digital marketing specialist is using nowadays, it’s influential marketing.

The Youtuber Alpha.M is one of the best examples. The number of sponsorships he is receiving is a phenomenon because he is selling million dollars worth of style products via his Youtube channel.

It also increases the social media marketing jobs.

3. Importance of Marketing

2018 digital marketing trends

2018 digital marketing trends

The online marketing expert Mark Cuban has said that the Internet and sensors are the next technology.

If you are concentrating on selling your new products of any niche at a rapid speed, then hire a team of digital marketing specialist, who will make your product go viral online.

The number of sales will grow rapidly, which is the part of trends brands. Mark Cuban has also said that instead of investing on infomercials, which are expensive than the online marketing, it is better to invest in the online marketing.

4. Video Promotion Will Grow

2018 digital marketing trends

2018 digital marketing trends

In 2018, the social media to AdWords, they have revealed that more people will start watching video advertisements than the display advertisements.

On Youtube, the number of small promotions has increased because of the demand and the lower-cost. The major behind it the cost of video promotions are lower, while the conversion rate is extremely higher.

The number of promotions has increased so much that even Youtube is facing problems with the low-quality advertisements.

Google has banned so many advertisers, who are providing the low-quality advertisements.

5. Digital Customer Experience

2018 digital marketing trends

2018 digital marketing trends

Google has announced a few years back that the number of Internet users will increase rapidly in a matter of few years.

That also comes with the responsibility to ensure that your customers are satisfied with your service.

Ensure that you have a business that is taking care of your paying customers or else if you are burning cash and losing future customers.

6. Google Voice Search Will Continue To Grow

2018 digital marketing trends

2018 digital marketing trends

Google is improving their voice search option, which has the majority of support from the users. When Android 2.1 released, they have implemented the feature on the HTC, Samsung, and another device to check its potential in the market.

Amazingly, they were right because more than 27% of the existing users are using Google voice to get results faster.

7. Strategic Social Media for Reaching Followers

2018 digital marketing trends

2018 digital marketing trends

The social media giant is much happier than they were back in the initial days because the number of promoters & advertisers are first looking at the social media sites like the Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin to drive traffic & increase sales.

In the last few months, social media marketing jobs have increased because of the requirement.

If you are a content manager, then you would know the rise of requirements to reach the existing followers of a brand and products.

In 2018, the competition will be high because many brands like Nike & Bacca Bucci are trying to reach their existing followers by promoting on social media.


Let us know how you are going to get a word about your product or brand online in the year of 2018 in the comment section.

Digital Marketing,

PROS and CONS of Social Media Marketing

A lot of small time players to big businesses are going to the social media platform to promote the products and services, which has proven to be a working method millions of business people.

Everyone has a story to tell but what are the facts and does social media works? We are going to divide them into PROS and CONS.



1. Cost Efficiency:

One of the major reasons why marketers are going to social media advertising because they cost you lesser than AdWords and other options. The cost of customer acquisition is lower than any display advertising company.

2. Huge Potential Audience & Viral:

On social media, you can find all types of customers, and we have seen many products go viral because of the uniqueness of it. Not many people know that a viral post has made over $250,000 in few days.

3. It’s Not Just Marketing:

A big-time player as said that never try to market the product because they are people who want to have fun while surfing through their feeds. Try to engage with the audience and connect them with your product.

4. Offers a Closer Connection with Your Clients:

Social media is a place where people engage, so the perception is different. Display banners offer professional outcome, while social media strength the bond between the customer and seller. Your customers or clients can connect with you for more information directly from the Comments, Messages, or Emails.

5. Source of Instant Feedback:

We completely agree that you get instant queries from the clients and you can connect with your client personally to their Inbox.

6. A Useful Tool for Market Research, Intelligence & Insights:

We have mentioned the cost of customer acquisition, which you will learn from the insights provided by the Facebook and Twitter.

7. Engenders Loyalty and Facilitates Referrals:

On Facebook, you can offer Referrals (Offer them money in-exchange), and it will help you increase your sales.

8. Provides Lots of Lovely Data:

When you look at the monthly insights or every campaign data, then you get information which can change the game of your company.

9. Great for Google too:

Not many people understand that the number of clicks you get from the social media platform, the more upvotes you get to rank faster on the Google pages.

10. Excellent Medium to Promote Your Content:

Do you know that the social platform is ideal for videos and written content? Yes, it is true that the platform is ideal to promote your platform.

These are the facts which come from running social media campaigns.



1. Takes time:

lots of time – Many people have lost their money but got no results We implore you to start small to learn and understand the market.

2. You are in it for the long-term:

Only those who have invested a lot of money and learned from their failures make it big on a social media platform.

3. It’s Not Just Marketing:

If you are directly selling the product online and don’t know the how to engage, then you are likely to waste money.

4. Changing Landscape:

The market keeps changing, and you have to learn the new ways to be in the business.

5. Lack of Control:

It does not matter if you are on Social media or display advertisements platforms like AdWords because you can’t control the traffic, budget, and number of sales.

6. Crises and the Fear of Faux Pas:

The number of disasters caused by the Social media platform is phenomenal. A business which involved people investing into mutual funds got a negative response over the advertisements, which has impacted enough to take down the social media campaigns.

7. Hard To Measure Return On Investment (ROI):

Unfortunately, unless you know your audience very well, you cannot measure the ROI. In case, if you are an experienced person, you can estimate a number. So, we suggest you consult an expert.

8. False and Unreliable Information:

The platform has seen many people delivering false information about a specific product which has killed the business in a matter of days.

9. Can Be Addictive:

Social media platform is addictive but when you are generating a lot of revenue from it, then what would be your first choice? There are many others ways such as Email Marketing, Blogging, and more.

10.Open Public Worldwide:

The advertisement can be seen from any country, state, and city, so their chances of burning cash is extremely high.


Facebook is an amazing platform but many have lost money, and many have generated millions of dollars in revenue. Let us know which of the following suggestion seem related to you in the comment section.

Tips for digital marketing
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Top 5 Tips For Your Digital Marketing Success

Online marketing can be frustrating when you are not aware of the basics. You cannot replicate or move on to advanced methods unless you know the basics.

Almost every online marketer makes the same mistake over and over again because of unknown reasons. We are going to help you get rid of those myths and rules you were following all these months and not getting the results.

In many scenarios, people modify their plans, but you should never go back on these and never compromise on the basics because the search engines build on basics.

#1 Marketing Strategy

Every individual has different experience and plans, which a lot of you try to replicate or become a copycat, and it does help you during your first years. But developing your strategy would be ideal because in coming time. Every product, market, and service is different, so what works for others, may not work for yours.

Marketing Strategies

#2 Content

It does not matter which country you belong to and which language you speak, but content will remain the core factor of ranking.

Google = A huge directory of valid answers to every question a user asks.

Why would Google promote a website, which does not have a detailed & authentic answer to the user’s question?

It all goes down to what type of content you have in your arsenal? Google and other search engines will always promote you as long as you’ve valid & working information.

Content Marketing,

Genuine content, which has unique points will always appreciate the search engines.

#3 URL

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator, which is available so you can make it easier to understand and help.

Did you know that URL that optimized for search engines make it easier for you to rank faster? You’ve got Title and Description to explain what the content is about to the readers.

Seo Friendly URL

While you have such a killer option to rank, then why would you not use it at full potential, make sure to optimize your URL before publishing the content.

#4 Backlinks

Even in coming years, backlinks will remain the primary ranking factor and backbone of the website.

The secret to rank your site on the first page is to have Do Follow links from higher authority sites, which is the only way to rank faster.


You need to follow only five rules, which will help you rank faster.

  1. These sites should be relevant to your topic.
  2. The anchor text should always be different from one and another.
  3. DA, PA, CF, and TF should be higher than your site.
  4. None of the sites you are building links should be on the same
  5. Do not make multiple Do-Follow links in a day.

You will see the results in weeks to months.

#5 Social Network

Big time players like FB, Twitter, Reddit, Linkedin, and other sites traffic considered as VOTES by the Google search engine.

social network

The number of clicks you get from Social media platform, the more interest the audience have in your content. Take viral posts, for example, Google index them faster and keeps track on it.

The proof is the trending page, which is the reflection of Google unreleased tools that they use for their bots.

#6 Be The Expert

Many experts in the industry have a different experience to share, and some of them completely prove that their theory is wrong.

Quality or Quantity, which is a touchy subject for many people because we have bloggers who have ranked the site with lesser content. While other have ranked with content alone, whom you should be following on this?

Be The Expert

Currently, those who have Quality with Quantity are ranking higher on search engines.

Here Quality stands for proven results or working methods; Quantity stands for an in-depth explanation.

Wrap up

If you are working hard, then use your techniques to reach the goals but make sure to follow these basics or else, you will land in confusion, which will leave you disappointed. Shoot your questions in the comment section below.

How to grow your business in 2018
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How to Scale Your Business in 2018 – With 5 Simple Steps

The more days goes by, one negative and one positive thing are taking their places to higher pace; as long as online business is concerned.

The negative thing: millions of new business is created each year. Making the market more competitive in a very short period of time.

The positive thing: accessibility of opportunity and availability of tools is increasing rapidly as the technology gets cheaper day by day.

Balancing with these both positive and negative things; and with the help of dedication, hard work, and consistency leads to success. Another most important thing is to apply the right strategy. Playing smart is more preferable than playing hard.

The term ‘right strategy’ has been redefined over the time. Thus, to scale a business in 2018 won’t be the same as gone years.

“How to scale your business in 2018?” The question does not come with any single or simple answer. It may sound even nastier for start-ups and beginners.

No worries, we have got your back.


Tips to Scale Your Business Like a Pro

From a beginner’s perspective, experiences are yet to experience. Learning through experience is great. Before you put up all the efforts into the race, knowing the right technique is must.

The following steps may take you places if followed precisely.


1: Create a Website

best web development company in lucknow


The very first step to be taken, create a website that should showcase your business. Your website must reflect the identity of your business and represent the brand. So, when you register a domain name for your site, personalizing it accordingly is highly recommended.

Your website is the virtual hub of your business. This virtual hub is to provide information of your business to the customers. Make the site tidy and decent looking so to attract customers and satisfy their needs.


2: Analyse Progress

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This is one common thing every entrepreneur and small business owner does. However, doing it the right speaks louder. Analyse your progress periodically, consistently. It gives you a clear idea where you at and where to head further.

If you are gaining no progress at all, at a certain state, dig up where the anchor is stuck.

There are tools available to scan and analyse your business progress. While starting up, using free tools may make sense.

On the other hand, premium tools will provide a better result so the ideas of current states and is highly recommended for stable/progressing business.


3: Social Media Marketing

social media marketing company in lucknow


Just a decade earlier, Social Media platform wasn’t taken with much attention the way it is right now. Social Media has changed the entire shape of online business so did to offline ones. It has an enormous potential to rocket boost a business within a very short time.

Your constant presence on social media helps you gain more audiences, some of which may turns to be potential customers. Facebook Ads adds more value to the presence on Social media.

Social networks today are considered to be the largest troops in digital marketing. These social platforms offer a unique set of goal, and have their own way of communication.

Utilize each platform to interact with potential customers and attract new customers as well.


4: Produce Contents

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A business model or company is no longer just service and product suppliers. This digitalized generation has reshaped the idea of business enabling the service providers to build a stronger relationship with consumers.

Social media are neither only advertising platform. Any sort of ways that connects you with audiences should be used for things like sharing experiences, taking vital information, creating inspirational stories, and more.

Building a trust factor is the key of building a brand, so to expand a business. So, when you are getting opportunities to brag your products and services, do not only focus on selling.

Know your customers and be known to your customers. Producing contents is what you need to do in this context.

Your content may have a variety of forms. It can be a tutorial video, tip content, or a viral content. Something that should help, or bear information.

Being creative in producing content is vital.


5: Interact With Audience

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You might be living on cloud running business through virtual world; you are no god to gain people’s trust easily. We have already talked about trust factor.

While being consistent and active on all sorts of platforms is favour to business and reaching more customers, building a brand to trust requires audience interaction as well.

Personal branding and business branding flows parallel to one another. This is where interaction with audience comes to play.

You might be serving great deals and products. It will, definitely make a face of your business in front of customers.

Interaction with audiences in person makes you more transparent and helps gaining more trust. Be sure to be agile while interacting with potential customers.


How Would You Start Off?

These steps are just a theory for now. The theory most of your competitors tends to follow. So, what will make you stand out of the crowed?

That’s how you start off and keep feet on the race course.

Remember the balancing of negative and positive part?

You may face more and more number of competitors over the time. However, creativity and hard work pays off.

Playing it smart, utilize the best of technology, you will see your business growing while about 75% of the new start-ups dies every consecutive year.