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We will look how Web Hosting industry is grown day by day not only in Lucknow its been years almost everything is changed in Shared, VPS and Dedicated Hosting services.

Cloud computing
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Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing For Your Business

Many Internet users do not know the importance of cloud computing in business organizations due to lack of knowledge in it. There are several benefits of cloud computing that every business should take advantage of it. Any small growing business can utilize the goals and benefits of cloud computing.

We know that many of you have questions in your mind like

  • What is Cloud computing?
  • What are the benefits of using cloud computing?

So allow us to clear your doubts and learn about the advantages of cloud computing.

Usually, there are hundreds of cloud computing benefits 2019, but we are going to talk about the 5 benefits of cloud computing that our team experienced.

  1. ScalabilityScalability

In the benefits of cloud-based computing, the servers utilized in the process designed differently compared to the VPS. Those who do not know that cloud server are similar to VPS in nature, but they have a different purpose.

Let’s assume that your product featured on the popular websites and then you are guaranteed to get numbers of visitors from that site. Can your current cloud web hosting handle the increase in traffic?

The cloud computing packages allow you to increase the specs and upgrade the package in a few moments without any fuss. The web hosting company does not have issues in increasing RAM, CPU cores, and space to accommodate the traffic.

You can increase Disk I/O, Memory (RAM), Network I/O, and CPU as well.

The performance of the website loading speed and pages loading time increases drastically. The increase in hardware does add up a little bit of performance, and it helps the visitors to view the pages more comfortably.

  1. No DowntimeCloud computing

One of the major reasons why experts go for the cloud computing because it does not have downtime at all. Yes, you have read it right that cloud computing does not have site downtime.

Many reputed companies have multiple server’s set-ups in the warehouse so they can offer better web hosting services. The company charges a good amount of fee per month to the customers, and they promise them to provide 99.99% uptime.

We are talking about reputed companies, and several small or unknown web hosting providers may not accommodate it, so read the terms and conditions properly.

How does it work?

The servers are nothing but computers with server operating system and hardware used in the process.

  • The provider set-up multiple servers.
  • The dedicated servers use a configuration that creates cloud computing.
  • If the server has broken or has hardware issues, then the software moves the files & folders of your website to another server.
  • The servers interconnected with each other.
  • You never have the issues of Internet down, hardware issues, and technical issues.

The cloud computing transfers the website files & folders to another server immediately.

Thus, you are saved from downtime and shutdowns, and that is the advantages of cloud computing.

  1. Fast PerformanceCloud computing

The performance is a question that haunts many newbies because they have not experienced cloud-computing benefits 2019.

First, every newbie always purchases or select the reputed web hosting company that has Google reviews and other reviews online.

The cloud computing consists of premium hardware, and it is one of the major reasons why it cost higher compared to the shared web hosting.

  • The web hosting providers use premium hardware like Intel high-end processors, RAM sticks, SSD Drive, and more.
  • You can select the number of CPU-cores, Disk space, and more.
  • The cloud servers maintained by the professionals and the engineers check the health of the servers from time to time.

The performance of the cloud computing does not slow down with time because the management has a dedicated team to look after the servers.

  1. Saves Your MoneySave your money

No one can deny that saving money stands on the top of benefits of cloud computing.

The small business look at the starting price, which is expensive compared to any other package offered by the company.

However, you are looking at one side of the coin. We have to blame the hosting companies for not explaining the difference between VPS & Cloud hosting in the sales page.

  • The cloud web hosting packages are expensive, especially, when compared to the other packages.
  • The cost of upgrading the package is lesser compared to other hosting packages.
  • In case, if you have a rise in the traffic, then you have to upgrade the specs. It cost you very less compared to the VPS hosting and dedicated server maintenance.
  • Upgrading to another package is much easier because it takes only a few clicks to do it. However, it is not the same when it comes to other packages, where the company takes a few hours to upgrade it.

In Cloud computing benefits 2019, everything is virtual, so increasing number of CPU-cores, RAM, and other hardware takes only a few clicks.

  1. Easy To UseCloud computing

Every company that sells a product or services to the people make sure that even a beginner can use the control panel without any issues.

  • You can choose the operating system like Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Windows, and other OS.
  • An opportunity to select control panel as well like Webuzo, cPanel, and other panels. Make sure to contact the provider to confirm the alternatives and available control panels.
  • Millions of tutorials available on the cPanel hosting, and other panels.
  • The advanced options easy to follow, if you can understand the meaning of the options. In case, if you are unable to follow it, then read articles and tutorials.

The customer care is available 24/7 to guide you through the set-up process and resolving the technical issues.


We have explained the advantages of cloud computing in points so that you can make up your mind.

The cloud computing technology is similar to the VPS (virtual private server), and it is slightly expensive, but if you plan to upgrade, then the cost is lesser on this side.

Let us know what do you think about the Cloud computing benefits 2019 in the comment section below.

Free vs paid hosting
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Free vs Paid Hosting | Which is Better for Your Website

Everyone has questions related to free vs. paid hosting, and many web hosting myths surrounded it. It’s time that we have to break the myths and help you understand the difference between free vs. paid hosting.

What is Web Hosting?free vs paid hosting

Web Hosting stands for “website hosting disk space,” and it is an essential part for any website in existence today.

The website hosting works as storage like HDD or SSD drive to store the website files, Images, Notes, Content, and more. The drives assigned an IP that used by the domain website hosting and the website shows up on your screen.

How does it work?

  1. Type the website domain name in the browser.
  2. The browser connects to the domain.
  3. The domain connects to the website hosting drive via an IP address.
  4. Now, you can view the website files and navigate through it.

The web hosting companies reliability is an important factor because the loading speed depends on it. You should not go for a cheap & unreliable hosting package to save a few bucks.

What Is Free Hosting?Free Hosting

In the debate of free vs. paid to host, everyone thinks that free website hosting is a better choice than a paid one. However, your perception towards the free host might change after reading it.

At some point in our lives, we have opted free web hosting to save money, or we don’t have sufficient funds to buy a premium version.

There are hundreds of companies in the market that offer free web host, and it comes with attractive features like SSL, SSD drive space, Standard performance, 99.99% uptime and more.

I mean, no one would consider the premium hosting, when a company promotes the free host with such features. No hidden charges, no hidden fee, no catches, and reliable at the same time.

How does it work?

Unfortunately, the majority of the free users don’t know how the entire “free” thing is possible.

First, the website hosting companies don’t get anything for free. The companies have to pay for the hardware like a server, HDD, SSD drive, RAM, Processor, etc.

Second, the server is an electronic product, and an engineer is required to maintain it. The salary of an engineer starts from $2 per hour to $9 per hour.

Third, the company invests a lot of money so that they can continue the services without any interruption.

The free hosting service attracts millions of customers & the web hosting digital marketing strategies in a way so that you can purchase premium hosting.

The free vs. paid hosting concept arises, when the hosting provider offers almost premium features.

PROS of Free Hosting:

  1. No hidden charges and it’s 100% free for a lifetime or until the company exists.
  2. Many similar entities compete with each other, and you get amazing features as a benefit.
  3. In case, if you don’t have enough funds to begin your online journey, then you can start with it.
  4. Suitable for small business sites and personal sites.
  5. If you are a student, then it is an excellent tool to utilize in the learning

CONS of Free Hosting:

  1. The biggest hit in free paid hosting comes in ranking the site on Google search engine and partners. The free host utilizes the same IP address, and thousands of sites connected to it can harm your rankings. If you want to rank your site using white hat techniques, then it’s going to be a DIFFICULT journey.
  2. No customer support team.
  3. A few free hosting sites add ticket support like GoogieHost, but the majority of the sites have no customer support.
  4. One of our free host accounts got terminated for no reason. We never recovered those accounts due to no response from the company.
  5. Slow site loading speed.

Your plan consists of ranking keywords, then go for the premium cost. The free host not recommended for shopping sites, ranking sites, and it created a balance in the free vs. paid to host a debate.

What is Paid Hosting?free vs paid hosting

The website hosting packages that you have to pay for it known as paid hosting. A wide range of host packages available in the market like Cloud, SSD hosting, Dedicated, Managed, VPS, WordPress hosting and more.

How does it work?

A paying customer can expect advanced features, hardware, software, and support from the paid hosting.

A simple $100 web hosting package enables the authority to invest funds on better hardware, management, configuration, and developments.

You can take Bluehost, YouStable, etc. for example, who offer affordable premium hosting without compromise in quality + support.

However, conduct your research on the product to make sure that it does not have any loopholes and bad service. Even the biggest names in the industry have flaws, and you don’t want to learn about it after spending on it.

PROS of Paid Hosting:

  1. Reliable & quality hosting.
  2. Excellent customer support offered by reputed companies. (We have tested many web hosting providers like )
  3. Value for money.
  4. Discounts and deals on auspicious occasions. For example, the Black Friday discount can go down up to 80% off.
  5. Decent uptime & website loading speed.

CONS of Paid Hosting:

  1. We suggested you research because there are hosting providers who do not meet our expectations.
  2. Unresponsive customer support in critical conditions.

Apart from the two CONS, we have never experienced any other issues.


If you are reading the end part and could not understand free vs. paid hosting winner, then we have an equation for you.

Tips for Free Hosting Account:

  1. Never run illegal sites or offensive sites or your account subjected for termination.
  2. Never leave your site with no activity for months. Login into your account once in a month, and update your site.
  3. Always read the terms & conditions to avoid termination.
  4. Make sure that the free hosting site has a customer support or ticket support.
  5. Always back up your site files.

In case, if you are spending money on premium hosting, then Google “xxxx hosting review” and read at least ten reviews.

Let us know what do you think about the free vs. paid hosting in the comment section below.

Cloud hosting vs VPS hosting
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Difference Between Cloud Hosting vs VPS Hosting

A lot of people don’t understand the difference between Cloud Hosting vs VPS Hosting. Nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars on technology, then later find out that cloud networking is cheaper.

There are several different aspects of cloud networking and VPS hosting provider. We are going to help you understand the cloud computing hosting and VPS web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

Cloud hosting vs VPS hosting

There are millions of newbies, who do not understand the difference between what is web hosting, VPS hosting packages.

  1. Web hosting is nothing but storage to save files like Images, Pictures, Website, Themes, and other content.
  2. There are various types of web hosting packages. Every package has a meaning to it. For example, shared hosting is one of the cheapest web hostings you can get your hands on it. In shared hosting, there is one server with many users hosting the website on it. Every user on the server shares the same IP address.
  3. However, shared hosting is not right for heavy websites like e-commerce sites, shopping sites, and websites with heavy traffic.
  4. The other packages like VPS, Cloud, Dedicated and Managed web hosting come in to play.

Everyone has been a requirement like unlimited bandwidth, server manager, separate server, and other things.

Trusting various hosting sites always cost you a lot of money and you don’t realize that there are too many web hosting myths surrounding the hosting topic.

What is Cloud Hosting?Cloud hosting vs VPS hosting

We have read many complex explanations on the cloud networking and cloud web hosting. However, we are going to make it easy for you to understand it.

  1. Web hosting is a server.
  2. Cloud web hosting stands for unlimited.
  3. Every web hosting package has physical limitations like storage, RAM, CPU cores, and more.
  4. However, in cloud hosting, you have no physical constraints.
  5. The server configured uniquely so you can upgrade the requirement anytime without paying additional charges.
  6. In short, if you need 2X storage, then you can simply upgrade it, and a new server added to your account. It isn’t possible in shared web hosting, and other packages, unless you pay additional charges.
  7. An affordable web hosting for a growing website.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

There are many benefits of cloud web hosting, and we are going list some of them down.

  1. It saves plenty of money on upgrades.
  2. No worries about technical issues while upgrading.
  3. Secure & reliable.
  4. The speed does not get affected by other users. The top-level security, stability, and incredible performance (website loads faster).
  5. Cloud web hosting is virtual

The cloud web hosting is expensive, but this is an ideal solution if your business is growing.

What is VPS Hosting?

Cloud hosting vs VPS Hosting

VPS full form is a virtual personal server. The server has a data center, and it is located in different parts of the country, or it depends upon the VPS hosting provider. VPS is a single server, where virtual server created with the operating system, fixed bandwidth, and fixed disc space.

VPS is like a dedicated server, but it is highly customization compared to another web hosting. You can choose Windows or Linux OS. In case, if you need more RAM, then you can increase it from the panel. The VPS hosting provider enables you to select the disk space as well.

In shared web hosting, the provider already configures the servers with cPanel + RAM + Storage + Single domain hosting. However, it isn’t the case, and you can get VPS at an affordable price.

VPS in Linux operating system cost you $2 or $3 per month when compared to the Windows version.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

We are not promoting you to go for the VPS because it has PROS & CONS. Make sure to read the comparison to understand the difference, and we are going to include CONS as well.

  1. Best cheap VPS server enables you to select the physical configuration according to your requirements.
  2. VPS is less expensive than a configured dedicated server.
  3. Full control over the server like select OS, make changes, configure the server and tweak the server for performance and more.
  4. If you have 5 million traffic per month, then you can upgrade the server in a few seconds.
  5. The customer care team is always ready to resolve complex technical issues.

We know that everything sounds good on VPS web hosting and cloud computing technology.

Differences between Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting

cloud hosting vs vps hosting

We are going to compare both technologies because they are different. A list of CONS of both technologies compared because it may make a difference in your decision-making process.

No. Cloud Hosting VPS Web Hosting
1. Cheaper than VPS hosting. Expensive than Cloud & Shared hosting
2. 2-core CPU + 2GB RAM cost less starts from $8 per month. 2-core CPU + 2GG RAM cost less starts from $19 per month.
3. Fixed control panel, configuration, and more. Freedom to choose CPU cores, OS (Linux & Windows), RAM, and more.
4. Unlimited storage (according to the plan.) Pay for what you are using.
5. Less control over the configuration, and overall hosting. Full control over the server and you can make changes as per your requirement.
6. Upgrading is easy and costs less. Upgrading is easy and costs 2X of the existing package.
7. Expensive to shared hosting. It cost lesser than a dedicated server.
8. Secure reliable, performance, and more. It is secure, reliable, and more. However, you must have the technical knowledge to operate it.

The comparison is not biased. You can head to any Cloud Hosting vs VPS Hosting provider & compare the prices, and specifications. Always keep in mind that cloud technology and VPS technology are different. They may serve the same purpose, but the technology is different, so make your decision wisely.


Always select VPS in Linux for lesser cost because the Windows control cost you more. However, you will not see much of a difference in Linux OS and Windows OS control panel. Let us know which web hosting technology you prefer after reading the comparison in the comment section below.

cost of website for small business
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How much does it cost to build a Website for a Small Business

When you want your business to be online, then you need to know the cost to build a website. You’ve got to make a business plan have a budget, so invest enough to make your website online. Some too many experts advise you various business plan, which is rather confusing for a newbie.

Who can give you the right cost to build a website? Let us help you with the selecting the hosting, design, and more.

Make a Business Plan

cost of website for small business

Time and time I’ve said it that there is a major difference in a plan and money making plan. A lot of websites founders start the portal, but they do not think deeper into how to make money online, which is the first & last mistake they make. Let us tell you few things, to begin with.

One: You need a web design that can explain your concept better to the audience, so you can attract a relevant audience and turn them into loyal readers. Web design has an impact on audience eyes like major of the visitor’s expect PROFESSIONAL, then a personal website. Select your designer carefully because there are too many awful designers in the market.

Two: Select the right website hosting for your website because Google has said that websites that loads slower loses a lot of traffic and audience. Speed matters for audience and ranking on search engines.

Three: You need the right domain name that explains your website concept properly. Even I have made a lot of mistakes during my first year in this industry. So, domain name relevancy matters in this decade.

Four: If you are someone who doesn’t have enough knowledge in MONETISATION, then let us tell you few things, to begin with, the first one is displayed advertisements (not recommended for short-term ideas,) sell or offer your services, sell your product, and promote your business.

Make sure to take time in the business plan, and then proceed.

Decide your budget

cost of website for small business

One of the mistakes that many newbies make is that they don’t have the right budget for their websites.

If you don’t know what the budget is, you should set, and then contact us to find the cost to build a website because we make quality websites with solutions.

Select a web hosting and domain name

cost of website for small business

We have already mentioned that you need to select the right domain name and web hosting; the reason is obvious that you need good website loading speed, so good hoisting matters. And, you need a relevant domain name that explains your website concept.

For domain: If my website is about smartphone reviews, unbox, and tips, then I would have selected domain name Techxxxx or Phonexxxx, always add the concept base word first.

For hosting: Why not select YouStable which is not expensive and provides high-quality hosting with all features that every major website hosting company has it.

How much does web hosting cost?

cost of website for small business

Everyone those same questions like “how to make a website” and “how much a hosting account cost,” let us tell you the exact cost that is required for the website to run efficiently.

Note: If you want to learn how to make a website, then check out YouTube for tutorials.

Let us explain to you which hosting package do you need to buy to save money and find the right price.

One: If your website falls into Business, One-page site, Personal website, and small websites, then go for a shared hosting package that starts from $5/Month.

Two: If you have a website that is developed for a blog or you get 250,000+ traffic per month, then you better go for VPS hosting, expensive, but worth for your website and rankings as well. The price starts at $19.99/Month.

Three: If your website has over 1,00,000 hits on a monthly basis, then why not go for a dedicated server. It is important that servers can take on so much traffic at once, so it requires a lot of power. The starting price for high-quality dedicated hosting is $4.99 /month (Entry package) and $14.99 (highest package).


There are many ways you can build a website, but learning it from scratch would kill your motivation, so why not spend few bucks into website design and get a professional design (You can get a professional site from here) that is accepted by Google search engine? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

what is web hosting
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What is Web Hosting and How to Host a Website?

There are only three main ingredients to get your website online and improve the visibility of your business online. The first one is a domain, the second is hosting, and the third is search engine optimization, which improves website visibility.

What is Web Hosting and How to Host a Website?

The Internet is developing at a faster rate, and many people are trying to figure out how they can have their website or business online. Now the problem is the people who don’t have enough knowledge in web services and don’t know where to start.

First buy a domain, then hosting package.

Everyone knows about the Domain, which is nothing but an address.

What about hosting?

what is web hosting

A hosting account is very crucial for every website to have or else, your website won’t begin at all.

Note – Google is a search engine, there is no such thing as google hosting.

What is the host?

To explain the hosting services in simple way possible, we are going to use simple reference.

First, to build your house, you need space or land, right? Similar way, you need space to build your website.

Now coming to the domain, it is nothing, but an address to visit your house. So, domain is a path to find your website.

A hosting package comes in different categories like Linux web hosting, Windows, and Cloud.

Linux web hosting is the cheapest one, while could is the most expensive one.

To host a localhost website, you can select Linux web hosting package, if you are running a heavy site, then move to cloud.

Coming to the Windows host unlimited, the price is slightly higher than Linux web hosting, so it better that you avoid Windows package unless you have a web application to run on the website.

How to host a Website?

what is web hosting

Every hosting site has a different interface so it would be difficult for us to show you exact instructions step-by-step.

We will begin from the cPanel, so you are on your own until you reach cPanel.

Step 1: First login, find services, then select hosting package, access cPanel.

what is web hosting

Step 2: Now you have two options if you are planning to host your website on WordPress or any other script, then you can select “Softaculous”, or you can upload your custom site.

WordPress – First, search for “Softaculous” or scroll down until you find it.

what is web hosting

Select the script; you want to install.

what is web hosting

Your script will be installed automatically that also includes MySQL database.

Now moving to the second part, adding your custom website manually.

what is web hosting

You have to add website files in the file manager.

what is web hosting

The easiest way to add website is to compress the website into. RAR file using Winrar, then upload it to the PUBLIC_HTML, then extract the files.

Step 3: You have to create MYSQL database depending on your custom website requirement.

Using the Wizard, you can create new MYSQL database.


Web hosting is space that is required to store website files but makes sure you learn more about how much space do you need to store all files. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

error 403
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What is error 403 and how to fix it?

WordPress is a powerful tool that used as content management system around the world. Those who are not familiar with the WordPress errors, then you have not used it to the extent yet. Even the most popular CMS has its flaws and problems.

Have you faced 403 forbidden error before? A lot of the WordPress have faced this problem at least once.

Did you know that more than 30% of the existing websites today is based on the WordPress? Probably not, but do you know that the popularity comes with wide-range of solutions to the problem.

What is error 403 and how to fix it?

We are going to help you fix 403 forbidden access is denied or 403 forbidden error in short.

We have three solutions ready for you to fix 403 forbidden so that you can resume your work smoothly.

A WordPress Plugin

It is common that a plugin has caused this problem, which is frustrating, but it happens to everyone, and it is common.

We know that a lot of you are running multiple plugins on your site, it is kind of difficult to find out which is causing the issue.

There are two ways to find out, and we will tell you how you can find out which plugin is causing the error.

1 – First option is to disable all plugins to confirm that a plugin causes the problem. It will clear the doubt and help you get back your site.

2 – Disable plugin one by one, which does consume a lot of time considering the number of plugins you have activated.

Usually, newly installed, updated plugins or recent update of WordPress version can trigger the problem.

In case, if you are not able to access your website admin panel, then you can manually disable the plugin from the hosting account.

Go to file manager from the hosting account.

error 403

Click on Plublic_HTML or access root folder of your website.

error 403

Find the folder “Wp-content.

error 403

And you have to rename the plugin folder to plugin.old and it will disable every plugin you’ve installed on your WordPress site.

error 403

Windows will pop and you have added .old to it.

error 403

To disable each plugin one-by-one, you have to click on the plugin folder and add .old to every plugin folder, which will disable it.

Fix 403 Forbidden Error by deleting .HTACCESS File

error 403

Corruption is part of every file system, and there is no denying that WordPress is no exception.

We recommend you to use your cPanel to access file manager to reach the .htaccess file.

First, create a backup, or you can simply download the .htaccess file to restore when this method does not work for you.

To fix the HTTP error 403 issue, you can delete .htaccess file from the file manager.

Sometimes the file is hidden from the file manager, but you can view hidden files as well.

Step 1: Click on the gear icon (Settings) from the top menu.

error 403

Step 2: A window will pop up.

error 403

Step 3: You have to select “show hidden files (dotfiles).”

error 403

Step 4: Click on save, then refresh the file manager.

error 403

Do not panic that you’ve got no replacement file for it because you can create a fresh one from the WordPress dashboard.

error 403

Go to your Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks, then select custom permalink, then click on save.

It will create a new .htaccess file in an instant, so you save time as well. It should fix the problem 403 forbidden access is denied, and website will function normally.

Note: You have to download the existing file to restore when things don’t have a plan.

Fixing Error 403 by making changes in File Permissions in WordPress

error 403

Error 403 has many causes, but one of the rare causes is in file permissions. Every file and folder in the WordPress have permissions, which prevents hacking and present there for the better protection from unauthorized users.

What is the appropriate solution for the error 403?

There are many solutions, but the most effective solution comes from your hosting provider.

Every reputed company has a dedicated customer support team so they can be a big help if you contact them to fix it.

They have a technical team, so make sure to ask them when they are available because even they have shift timings.

If you are non-techie or non-programmer, then we recommend you to stay away from these settings or else, you will find whole website itself.


The error 403 forbidden access is denied many causes, but if you implement the above solution, then it will be fixed. Let us know which solution has worked for you, and we have missed any solution, then mention it in the comment section.

Find Best Domain Registrar
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How to Find Best Domain Registrar

Getting your website online was a hassle in the past and full of complications. However, the latest technology and the brands have combined to help the people to get their business online without any issues.

We have so many solutions nowadays, which make us feel it will be a piece of cake and secure, but it isn’t and you learn it hard way.

The number one problem in the industry today is lack of knowledge, which later on invites many problems that will continue to haunt you till one year of subscription has expired.

So many of you, who don’t know have knowledge in this area will likely to find out the facts hard way.

We are going to help you solve one major problem, which is nothing but your Domain Registrar.

If your registrar is not efficient and responsive, then you will face problems for next one year.

How do you qualify the domain registrar?

1. ICANN Accredited

How to Find Best Domain Registrar

It has a significant meaning behind it, which is a little difficult to understand. However, we will explain in simple words.

Basically, not everyone is registered to allot high-level domains on their own. ICANN registration is possible for every company, but the requirements are extremely high.

Which smaller organization cannot fulfill.

So those who have passed the ICANN registration process, then it is a sign that they are the major company that can fulfill your requirements.

If you are planning to buy a domain, then ensure that the company you select is ICANN Accredited.

2. Contract/Duration

How to Find Best Domain Registrar

When you Google domain, then you will find thousands of companies providing you the domain services, but how many of them are sustainable?

Not many of you know that it is ideal you buy a domain from a reputed registrar because most of these vanish from the Internet after the certain number of years.

Domain registrar usually provides you discount on the number of years you add to the domain, so make sure you are getting the discount.

3. Transfers

How to Find Best Domain Registrar

Here’s where you have to be careful and should not compromise because those who don’t check Transfer option usually end up getting irritated about the company they have registered with it.

The rule is very simple that your registrar should allow you to transfer a domain to another registrar without any restrictions at any time.

Also, check if they charge you for the transfer because some of the companies charger $10 or so, on purpose to force you to stay.

So ensure that they don’t charge you either or you might have to spend even more.

4. Customer Support

How to Find Best Domain Registrar

Let me give you an example of what do we mean by customer support.

We had purchased a domain and hosting from the popular company on earth, they claimed that they have the best customer support team, but when we had a problem, the support team were the most unprofessional and they don’t know how to serve the customers.

The website is a serious business, where we cannot have a customer support that is not trained well to take on a difficult task and unprofessional.

Every company has a customer support, so you can call their Toll-free number, and test them by asking problems – You can easily domain related questions from forums.

5. Costs

How to Find Best Domain Registrar

This is an important aspect of domain business. Recently, there was a sale going on.

So, one of us purchased a domain from a registrar, who was charging only a few dollars for the domain.

We have used it, but we later found out that the domain renewal cost us two times more than other TLD like .com, where could not go back because we have already invested a lot of money in developing it.

Invested in social media marketing, many customers come back to site for information, Google listed it, and all.

So, we cannot leave the domain name and focus on another one.

6. Additional Services

How to Find Best Domain Registrar

If there’s specifically looking for something, then we recommend that you check it before you get ripped off by the registrar.

If you make a mistake here, then it would be solely your fault. We cannot blame the registrar for the limitations, so this is on you.

The list of additional services is huge so we won’t get into the list. But if you have a specific service you need to develop your site, then make sure to contact the customer support.

You will also find how capable the customer care really is this one call.


Domain and Hosting are two important factors and we recommend you call the customer care or you can comment below for more detailed information because we are professional at this.

Why linux vs window
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Why Linux Web Hosting?

Linux vs. Windows is a subject is a frequently asked question, which is asked in the various platform for more than a million times but the answer is mixed.

Some of the experts refer Windows-based servers or Linux Servers, but we have a perfect answer for you. After using both Windows and Linux hosting accounts for a long time, we have a perfect answer for you.

1. Linux vs. Windows

Linux vs Windows

Linux vs Windows


Linux Servers and Windows servers are nothing but a software-based utility, which is used to control and organize a server.

Not many people know, but Linux Servers are recorded as a highest used server in the hosting history.

It does not matter, if it is Hostgator, GoDaddy, or anything other hosting company, Linux Servers are ruling over Windows-based servers.

2. Linux Servers Are More Affordable

Linux server are affordable

There is no doubt or argument there because Linux servers are much more affordable than Windows version.

The very first reason, why we have selected Linux because of the price, it is Affordable and user-Friendliness.

It does not matter if you choose a popular solution like Hostgator, Youstable, Bluehost, GoDaddy, and more. The results will remain the same; you will find Linux servers for a lesser price when compared to Windows server.

3. Stability and Capability

Stability and capability

While my time with the Windows version server, we could not find any differences in stability and capability. So both Linux server and Windows have stability and capability.

As we have already mentioned that Windows & Linux accounts are Friendliness, you won’t find any issues with the performance.

4. Easy Installation and Network Friendliness

Easy Installation and use

A lot of users think that they need to learn user interface and options to function a Linux based hosting account, but that is entirely not true.

Linux is extremely easy to use, and the installation process has never bothered us at all. Even when you try to get into advanced options, the Windows version UI remains the same.

One of the interesting parts is that if there is an option or feature that is out of your league, then you can find thousands of answer for your problem on the Internet.

Linux has an advantage here, which is why we are recommending the readers to go for it.

 5. Undecided? Try Linux

if you are not sure Try linux

There is a myth that has surrounded many newbies into it that Windows servers have its UI.

We recommend you give the Linux servers a shot because they are not only efficient but also the price is lower than other server solutions.

We have given you appropriate reasons on why you should opt for a Linux based hosting account.

  1. Pricing is Affordable.
  2. The user interface is no different than Windows server.
  3. Performance is also the same. Some of the hosting companies offer better Linux support.
  4. You can find thousands of solutions for problems online for Linux based hosting account.


Linux has beaten Windows in this area, which is not surprising. Let us know what do you think about it and what challenges you have faced in the comment section.

web hosting myths,seo company in lucknow,web hosting company in lucknow
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Top 5 Web Hosting Myths

To run a fully functional website, you need to have multiple things, which is designable and buyable. However, not everyone has a simple requirement, which leads to confusion in their initial days.

Those who want to rank their website and gain leads from organic traffic needs to focus on several things, but the most basic ones always avoided due to lack of knowledge.

Selecting the hosting service is always neglected by the almost everyone until they find out that they have burned the money.

Trusting various hosting sites always cost you a lot of money and you don’t realize that there are too many myths surrounding the hosting topic.

We are going to cover the myths and tell you the truth behind it to help you make better decisions.

1. Every Web Hosting Provider is Good

Web hosting Myths

When you google hosting term, then the first in the row are always reputed ones. The first advertisement we have is GoDaddy who are extremely popular around the world.

People would not hesitate to go for it but did you know that they have the worst customer support?

We know that you are shocked, we realized it when we had to work on our client websites, who purchased GoDaddy hosting before contacting us.

Not every hosting service is the best.

2. Good Web Hosting is Expensive

Web hosting myths

During the initial days of learning, even we were in the similar impression, but later we realized it.

There are many hosting services online, which are reputed, reliable, and prices are low.

You can take Name Cheap & Youstable for example, they both offer packages less than $10/Year.

They also offer features like free migration (The cost of a site migration goes up to $1000, depends on the existing content as well.)

3. All Cheap/Free Web Hosts Suck

web hosting myths

The Myth has developed by many people who were providing very little information, why they suck?

There are three reasons behind this myth,

  1. Too many companies are offering cheap services that are not reliable.
  2. These cheap and Free hosting sites are ideal for SEO point of view.
  3. Support and IP address assigned to the website are listed as spam.

Several businesses want to get their business online to show to the clients that they have a website as well; then it is fine to use Cheap and Free web host accounts.

Very few out of thousands of free hosting services are good and ideal for business to choose them.

4. Need Hosting Experience To Manage a Website

web hosting myths

A wide-spread myth that has going on for a while but it is not true at all.

If you are a customer who does not have much of knowledge in this area, then you have to spend little to 20 minutes to understand the cPanel.

cPanel is a dashboard, which designed for people who don’t have technical knowledge.

If you don’t understand something, then you can call the Customer Care of hosting company, they will guide you.

Hostgator company has the BEST customer care support, and you will fell in love with their assistance.

5. Always Go With Unlimited Hosting Plans

web hosting myths

To explain in one simple sentence, not at all true.

Everything depends on your requirements. How do you calculate it?

Hosting space equals to your smartphone internal storage.

If you purchase 64GB smartphone but if you don’t use more than 6GB, then remaining 58GB is a waste storage.

  1. Hosting plans are the same.
  2. Unlimited plans are for shopping sites, sites like Youtube, and more.
  3. Bandwidth also matters, if you have traffic more than 500,000 a month, then go for an unlimited plan.

If the traffic is less and number of files stored in the hosting space is lesser than 5GB, then no need for an unlimited plan.


We understand that one or two myths have escaped from our list, so why not ask us in the comment section below and we will try to answer your questions as fast as possible.