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5 Reasons Why Your Website is Underperforming and How to Fix Them?

Search engines have become very complicated over the years to understand its actual ranking factors. We face several problems when it comes to indexing our website and its pages on a regular basis. The struggle keep goes on, and we have a deal with it. We see many newbies complaining about the website traffic decreasing for no reason apparently. 5 Reasons Why Your Website is Underperforming and How to Fix Them? We are going to cover one of the important topics about why your website is not performing well on search engines. Search Engine Unable to Detect What many people

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What is error 403 and how to fix it?

WordPress is a powerful tool that used as content management system around the world. Those who are not familiar with the WordPress errors, then you have not used it to the extent yet. Even the most popular CMS has its flaws and problems. Have you faced 403 forbidden error before? A lot of the WordPress have faced this problem at least once. Did you know that more than 30% of the existing websites today is based on the WordPress? Probably not, but do you know that the popularity comes with wide-range of solutions to the problem. What is error 403

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Trends That Will Dominate Influencer Marketing in 2018

A recent research revealed that most of the marketers plan on executing at least one influencer marketing strategies for their business in this year. It is the 21st century; many people call it as a digital era. These are not the days that most people sit in front of televisions and watch advertisements. Internet became the main platform for many brands to advertise their business. Influencer marketing has been discovered as potential marketing strategy many brands, Influencers has the power and charisma to attract the people who follow them on social media. If you win the hearts of influencers, it

Find Best Domain Registrar
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How to Find Best Domain Registrar

Getting your website online was a hassle in the past and full of complications. However, the latest technology and the brands have combined to help the people to get their business online without any issues. We have so many solutions nowadays, which make us feel it will be a piece of cake and secure, but it isn’t and you learn it hard way. The number one problem in the industry today is lack of knowledge, which later on invites many problems that will continue to haunt you till one year of subscription has expired. So many of you, who don’t

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Role of Digital Marketing for Political Campaigns Strategies

Digital marketing plays a major role in many public figure life; there is no doubt that they hold the majority of their success online. From small-time companies to major players in the industry are using the digital marketing techniques to promote and grow some audiences to increase sales or brand promotion. There is a saying “Sky is the limit” which applies to the role of Digital Marketing for political campaign strategies. From past decade, the candidates who have invested in the election campaign to get higher number votes in a specific state or city. In the year of 2008, when

2018 Digital marketing trends
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2018 Digital Marketing Trends

The biggest market in the 21st century is new social media trends, which have proven to be the first source to increase sales and build a brand around it. Digital marketing trends are the core of everything in marketing trends; however, if you are planning to lead the new ways to improve digital marketing specialist skills, then you are at the right place. 2018 Digital Marketing Trends We are going to reveal the market trends 2017 that will help you improve your skills for 2018. 1. AR Technology Integrated Through Social Media Major social media platforms have invested millions

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Why Linux Web Hosting?

Linux vs. Windows is a subject is a frequently asked question, which is asked in the various platform for more than a million times but the answer is mixed. Some of the experts refer Windows-based servers or Linux Servers, but we have a perfect answer for you. After using both Windows and Linux hosting accounts for a long time, we have a perfect answer for you. 1. Linux vs. Windows   Linux Servers and Windows servers are nothing but a software-based utility, which is used to control and organize a server. Not many people know, but Linux Servers are

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Top 5 Web Hosting Myths

To run a fully functional website, you need to have multiple things, which is designable and buyable. However, not everyone has a simple requirement, which leads to confusion in their initial days. Those who want to rank their website and gain leads from organic traffic needs to focus on several things, but the most basic ones always avoided due to lack of knowledge. Selecting the hosting service is always neglected by the almost everyone until they find out that they have burned the money. Trusting various hosting sites always cost you a lot of money and you don’t realize that

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PROS and CONS of Social Media Marketing

A lot of small time players to big businesses are going to the social media platform to promote the products and services, which has proven to be a working method millions of business people. Everyone has a story to tell but what are the facts and does social media works? We are going to divide them into PROS and CONS. PROS: 1. Cost Efficiency: One of the major reasons why marketers are going to social media advertising because they cost you lesser than AdWords and other options. The cost of customer acquisition is lower than any display advertising company. 2.

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Top 5 Tips For Your Digital Marketing Success

Online marketing can be frustrating when you are not aware of the basics. You cannot replicate or move on to advanced methods unless you know the basics. Almost every online marketer makes the same mistake over and over again because of unknown reasons. We are going to help you get rid of those myths and rules you were following all these months and not getting the results. In many scenarios, people modify their plans, but you should never go back on these and never compromise on the basics because the search engines build on basics. #1 Marketing Strategy Every individual